‘VPR’ Tom Sandoval Flips Out On Jax After He Questions Why Ariana’s Brother Can’t Work At TomTom

Tom Sandoval went to war with 'VPR' cast mate Jax Taylor, after he publicly questioned why Tom wouldn't let GF Ariana Madix's brother Jeremy work at his cocktail bar TomTom.

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The feud continues! Jax Taylor managed to push Tom Sandoval over the edge in a series of tweets on March 10. He questioned why the 36-year-old TomTom owner wouldn’t let his girlfriend Ariana Madix‘s brother Jeremy work at his bar. “How about the fact that Jeremy, Ariana’s brother can’t work at TomTom because he doesn’t have the right look … are you f**king kidding me? What look do you need to have?” Jax, 40, wrote in a since deleted tweet. “#PumpRules this is about how you treat your girlfriend’s brother?”

Jax continued, “Telling your [girlfriend’s] brother you belong at a tiki bar, not TomTom when he’s hurting for shifts? No that’s insane, Jeremy is a lot better looking and a better bartender [than] half the staff at TomTom. So sit [in] your pretty house while your younger brother struggles.”

Jax didn’t bother to include “at” to Tom and Jeremy, 27, despite talking about them.  That pushed his fellow Vanderpump Rules cast mate Tom’s buttons, and he blew up at Jax on Twitter. “When people talk sh*t about u and don’t @ u, or the people they r talking about.. (@jeremymadix1) it should tell u a lot about who they r, and what they r saying…” Tom wrote. “@mrjaxtaylor stop posting fiction, get a hobby, & get off my n*ts, u little whiny b*tch.”

Jax then claimed that it was Jeremy himself who told him about Tom’s decision. “@jeremymadix1 did you not say this to me at dinner the other day? Kind of a random thing to make up, guess will just see at the reunion,” he tweeted. “Or asking him for 1 percent of his start up because he lived in your apartment and paid rent. Wow, yeah you’re a good friend all right.”

Jax added in another deleted tweet that Tom is only nice when Vanderpump Rules cameras are rolling. “Btw the only time he does anything nice for anyone is during filming. I haven’t talking to him once since the wedding nor Ariana. Perfect example of how people just looking for attention. #pumprules good friend? He only cares about how he looks, let’s not get things twisted.” Oh man, the reunion special is going to be bananas with these two at war.

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