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‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Jax Taylor Reveals What Drove HIm To Needing ‘A Break’ From Tom Sandoval

Jax Taylor stunned 'VPR' fans over the summer when be blocked BFF and groomsman Tom Sandoval on social media. Now he's explaining why he needed a break from his pal of 20 years.

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Vanderpump Rules fans couldn’t believe it when Jax Taylor, 40, blocked his closest pal Tom Sandoval, 36, on social media in a heartbreaking summer feud. Not unfollowed, but blocked! After the show’s season eight trailer dropped on Nov. 7, it was clear that the two had major issues leading up to Jax’s June 29 wedding to Brittany Cartwright, 30, as Tom was one of his two groomsmen. Jax now tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY why he needed to take a break from their 20 year friendship. “It was, it was tough,” he says of their summer feud.

“It was tough because you know, I count on certain people for certain things and that was Tom’s, that’s Tom’s forte doing part in stuff like that. And you know, we kind of were going back and forth. We’re like a family, you know, we’re, I’m in a relationship with Tom. He’s my friend, but I’m in a relationship with these guys. You’ve got to understand we see each other all the time, so we’re going to butt heads,” he explains.

Trouble began in the days leading up to his wedding, and Jax was so grateful he also had Tom Schwartz, 37, as his second groomsman as he wasn’t getting the help he hoped for from Sandoval. “We’ve been friends for 20 years, so Tom and I are way different people, you know, and he’s a very eccentric, pretty simple guy. I just wanted something very simple and we were just kind of butting heads and it was my, I was going to be a little bit of a groomzilla, you know, a little bit. I wanted things done a certain way and thank God I had two groomsmen. Schwartz stepped up and he took care of it, which is very unlike him,” Jax confesses.

“In the beginning I had some trouble even getting a hold of Tom Sandoval for some of my events and Schwartz, it’s very unlike Schwartz to come out and do things like that. It’s not his style and he did. He set things up at hotels for me as you’ll see. He just did a great job. They both did a great job. I was just very happy the way Schwartz stepped up for me. And I really appreciate it. Thank God I had two. That’s all,” he tells us.

The two men were together at BravoCon over this past weekend in New York and Jax says they’ve since buried the hatchet. “You know we’ve been here, everything’s been fine. It’s kind of like guys are very, like, we sweep things under the rug and really don’t talk about it, Jax explains.  “What I love about guys, we’re very stocked when we get mad at each other. If I don’t like you I’m like well ‘F**k you, we’re done!’ And we crack. Girls are the ones that are evil and mean to each other. I just needed a little bit of a break. He needed a break from me. It’s just, it’s normal. It’s normal.”

When we asked Jax if he still considered Tom to be one of his best friends, he revealed, “Yeah, of course. Absolutely. We’re getting older. We’re all going our own ways. You know, some people are starting with the businesses and people are starting families and that’s just part of life so you know we grow apart but that’s okay. As long as we all know how to come back.”