Katy Perry Shows Off Baby Bump In Pink Dress For 1st Live Performance of ‘Never Worn White’

Katy Perry looked breathtaking for her first live performance of her newly released love song, 'Never Worn White' on March 10 in Sydney, Australia! The pregnant singer showed off her baby bump in an embellished, plunging pink dress!

Katy Perry performing
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Image Credit: Asanka Ratnayake/AP/Shutterstock

Katy Perry was glowing during her first live performance of her new song, “Never Worn White” on Australia’s The Project on Tuesday morning. The mom-to-be, 35, looked stunning in a blush pink dress with oversized fur sleeves. The plunging number featured a cinched waist with gold and green embellishments and pink sparkles. Katy, who donned dangly yellow earrings, wore her hair in a bleach blonde bob.

Before and after her performance, Katy took a seat at the anchor desk for a sit-down with the show’s three hosts. She opened up about her pregnancy cravings and her relationship with fiance Orlando Bloom. The singer also had everyone laughing with her constant jokes.

“I’ve decided to step into adult-ing,” Katy said in response to many congratulations about her pregnancy. When one host noted that six months is an impressive length of time to be able to hide her pregnancy, Katy clarified, “That is not a confirmed time.”

“I’m definitely in it and there’s no hiding it and passing it off as you know, just a breakfast burrito anymore,” Katy joked. “I’ve always been a very curvy girl and I love to it. There had been rumors in the past that people thought I was pregnant, just because Ia m curvy and proud of it, and now, they’re right, they’re more than right,” she explained, noting, “These are not cookies in my belly.”

“It’s to fun to celebrate it with people I’ve essentially grown up with my whole life,” she said of her fans after seeing their excited reactions to her pregnancy news. Katy then added that her “Katy Kats” (aka, her fans) are now calling her bun in the oven, “Baby Kat.”

As for her thoughts? — “I like it, I’m leaning into it,” she admitted.

Katy also talked about her recent admission that she’s been craving hot sauce, despite “never being a fan of spicy foods.”

“I think that’s probably Orlando’s genetics kicking in… If I see something, for example when they say, ‘Your baby is the size of a waffle.’ I woke up, I looked at that app and was like, ‘If I don’t have a waffle in mouth,'” Katy recalled. “I was like shaking and foaming, and I’m such a foodie in general, but now it’s like super heightened.”

When asked if she’ll be taking some time off from her busy schedule, Katy explained why she’ll be doing “everything in balance.”

“I’m excited to have a jam-packed summer, lots of deliveries, if you know what I’m saying. I’ve never wanted to have to choose between doing what I love and being a mom. I feel like I’m a great multi-tasker and I can juggle. It makes me really happy to be contributing with music. So, that’s what I’ll be doing up until I can’t.”

Katy first revealed her pregnancy in the music video for “Never Wore White,” which dropped on March 4. She later verbally confirmed the exciting news in an Instagram Live video, when she said that she’ll be “giving birth this summer, literally.” The baby news comes just over a year after Orlando proposed on Valentine’s Day in 2019.

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