The Weeknd Makes Subtle Nod To Coronavirus In Latest ‘Weekend Update’ Appearance On ‘SNL’

The Weeknd returned for a third installment of 'The Weeknd Update' and the short-and-sweet bit might have been the best one yet!

Move over Colin Jost and Michael CheThe Weeknd is back! The 30-year-old singer once again dropped by the Saturday Night Live anchor desk for another round of the aptly-named “Weeknd Update” (get it?). In the previous versions of “Weeknd Update,” which Colin and Michael introduce then throw to, the singer is usually seen waiting in a dressing room for his performance with a camera placed to the left of him. Once again cutting to him in the backroom, Abel was all-smiles rocking a Kappa zip-up with a “Sony” logo.

“Feel good,” he then announces to the camera. Of course, he has plenty to be feeling good about, with his next album After Hours just 13 days away from release and an epic performance of “Blinding Lights” just minutes ago! Things take a sudden turn, however, as he awkwardly coughs…yikes! Coronavirus, anyone? The short segment then concludes, leading us to wonder if Abel is, indeed, “good.” Wash your hands, people!

The short but hilarious bit made its debut in 2015, when Colin and Michael threw to “The Weeknd Update” complete with the singer’s white typeface logo that usually appears on his albums. Cutting to a clip of Bella Hadid‘s on-again, off-again boyfriend chilling in a dressing room with some takeout food, Abel appears confused as to why the camera is on him outside of his performance. “Why are you here?” he asks, giving the camera an inquisitive look.

The next appearance happened in 2016, and even got Colin and Michael cracking up! “The Weekend Update now presents,” Colin began, as Michael — laughing — added, “The Weeknd Update!” Back in that same photo-filled dressing room, a relaxed Abel chills with his large Goyard weekend bag right next to him. “I got a hair cut,” he announces, showing off his noticeably different ‘do! The back-to-back appearances respectively promoted his last two albums, Beauty Behind The Madness and Starboy.

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