The Weeknd Gets Suffocated In Crazy New Video ‘Starboy’ — Watch

What's happening to The Weeknd?! The music video for his new song 'Starboy' starts out with the singer getting suffocated, and the rest of the vid is almost just as crazy! Watch the insane video right here!

As soon as the video begins, The Weeknd is already in trouble, sitting at a table with his hands zip tied behind his back and a man in a mask heading his way. Suddenly, the bad guy throws a plastic bag over The Weeknd’s head, and next thing you know he falls to the ground…dead?!

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Don’t worry, Weeknd fans — the 26-year-old singer is alive and well throughout the rest of the vid. In fact, it seems this is a metaphoric (but seriously intense) way to say goodbye to his old hairdo. Just as The Weekend, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, dropped his new single, he also unveiled a brand new ‘do that ditched his wacky dreadlocks look for a more clean cut look. Because the Daft Punk-infused song was a bit of a departure from The Weeknd’s past hits, fans thought his new hair might also mean a new direction in his music. And judging by this video, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Once the camera goes off of the suffocating Weeknd, it switches to a shot of the masked man who happens to be The Weeknd, but the short-haired version. See what we mean by the “goodbye old Weeknd” metaphor?

He makes his way through a dimly lit house, passing by a picture of Daft Punk and eventually finding a glowing neon cross on a wall. As The Weeknd carries on throughout the place, he passes old album covers of his, as well as awards he’s won and platinum records he’s earned…crushing everything in his path. Pretty sure he’ll regret that one later, but it did make the meaning of the video (and the song, for that matter) rather epic.

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The Weeknd finishes out the “Starboy” vid riding off into the distance in a super fancy car — with a panther in the front seat, because why not — singing his track and looking satisfied as ever. If “Starboy” is any indication of what’s to come from The Weeknd, we certainly don’t mind saying out with the old and in with the new!

HollywoodLifers, what do you think of The Weeknd’s “Starboy” video? Are you a fan of his new haircut? Tell us below!

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