‘Chicago Fire’ Boss Teases Brett’s Future With Her Birth Mom, Cruz’s Wedding & More

The end of the Feb. 26 episode of 'Chicago Fire' featured Brett coming face-to-face with her birth mother. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with showrunner Derek Haas about what's next, including scoop on Cruz's wedding.

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Brett has just jumped on quite the emotional roller coaster. She’s met her birth mother, who is pregnant again at 46. Brett’s birth mother wants a relationship with her daughter in any way that Brett will allow. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Chicago Fire boss Derek Haas about whether or not Brett will pursue a relationship with her birth mother.

“After the weirdness of driving out there and having this man shut the door in her face, I think she thought, ‘Okay, that’s the universe telling me I should have just gone with my gut originally and whatever mess is going on here I don’t need in my life,'” Derek told HollywoodLife. “But then when she meets her, we thought it was really interesting as a writers’ room that a lot of times they’re teen moms giving up a child for adoption, so the idea that 30 years later here shows up mom who’s pregnant was interesting. Brett is so guileless and good-hearted that once she sees her, I think there are a ton of emotions going on. Ultimately, Brett is going to want to know more about the woman who gave birth to her.”

Casey was the one to drive Brett to her mother’s house earlier in the episode. “He’s always been a guy that keeps his chin up and is optimistic and is a good sounding board, so it’s natural to me,” Derek said of Casey coming along with Brett’s journey. However, Derek noted that Brett will “bring more people” in the loop about what’s going on with her birth mother.

Chicago Fire, which was just renewed for 3 more seasons, just had a big crossover episode with Chicago P.D. and the show will be celebrating Cruz’s wedding in the 19th episode of the season. Derek was able to tease a bit of what the episode will bring: “The episode is going to be one of these episodes where most of the episode takes place inside the firehouse and our characters are all in the common room as they usually are and the bells go off and they rush to the apparatus floor, where their trucks are and the doors are chained and there are people out there. It’s going to be a different episode than we usually do. This is going to be the shift before Cruz’s wedding. Things are going to be jumping off and lots of tension going to be high. That’s a big one that’s coming up.” Chicago Fire season 8 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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