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Luke Bryan Believes There Are ‘Kelly Clarkson’-Level Singers In Season 18 Of ‘American Idol’

Luke Bryan teased the amazing talent on the upcoming season of 'American Idol' in this new interview!

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Luke Bryan
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Luke Bryan, 43, can’t wait for everyone to see this season of American Idol! “it’s just another season of very diverse kids. We have some female singers that are literally Kelly Clarkson-like singers,” the country star teased of this year’s talent EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife. “We’ve got some boys this year, that are extremely talented, and they check the heartthrob kind of box… we’ve got a kid named Arthur Dunn that is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Lionel [Richie] swears that he’s Bob Marley reincarnated,” Luke continued.

As a judge — alongside music legend Lionel and Katy Perry — part of Luke’s role is to mentor contestants and help them become their best. “We’re really working on [the contestants] to try to get more memorable…leave the stage where everybody can remember your name,” Luke dished. “And we got one girl that, you know, Katy’s like, ‘I don’t remember her,’ every time she comes out, but we keep believing in her because of her voice.” Guiding the contestants to realize their full potential is something that Luke cherishes. “I just relish the opportunity to mentor these kids and help them through this crazy journey and tell them, ‘Hey, the work … ‘ Katy said it up there. I mean, you have these big moments in your life that define your career and then you do it, you’ve got your career going, then you got to go do another one.”

Back in 2007, Luke was a dreamer just like those auditioning for Idol — and relates to the experience they’re going through. “I see myself in some of these kids,” he revealed, adding that his faith helped get him to where he is today. “What I lean on is you have to just trust in God’s plan. I think you just have to wake up every day and go, ‘I’ve had unfortunate things in my life, but I just have to trust that that’s how God would have it.’ And that’s how I cope a lot….going forward I have to just try to keep it real and appreciate every day, appreciate where I’m at in my career, and hopefully, honor my family by my actions.”

Off screen, the judges have also had the chance to bond with each other — particularly Luke — who shares kids Thomas, 11, and Tatum, 9 with wife Caroline Boyer — and Katy, who’s engaged to Orlando Bloom. While Katy and Orlando, who got engaged last year, don’t have any kids yet — Luke definitely sees motherhood in the cards! “It’s no secret that Orlando has a son…we’ll break after Christmas and she shows me like Christmas stuff,” the “Boots Knockin'” singer added, referencing Orlando’s 9-year-old son Flynn with ex Miranda Kerr. “As far as Katie’s motherly potential, she’s going to be a blast… I couldn’t imagine growing up in her household because it’ll be fun. But Katie certainly, even when I talk about me and my kids, she’s checking out how I juggle the life and the kids and the children. We’ll see one day if it ever happens, how she responds. But I know she’s going to be an amazing mother!”