Joe Giudice Parties Again With Bikini-Clad Ladies After Teresa Claims He Cheated On Her

Joe Giudice took to Instagram to show off a video of himself partying with a group of people, including some women in bikinis, as they danced to his daughter Milania's song.

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Joe Giudice, 47, shared an eye-catching video that featured a bunch of bikini-clad women to his Instagram page on Feb. 16. The father-of-four, who has been living in Italy, was sharing a moment from a trip with friends in the clip and gave a shout-out to his daughter Milania, 15, as some of the gorgeous ladies danced to her song “I Can’t Wait to Grow Up”. “Milania, these girls right here, are like, dancing to your song,” he said while filming the video, which showed four attractive women busting moves outside in front a pool. ” We love you, Milania!” one of them shouted to the camera. He also showed some shirtless guys who shared a laugh with him after he asked one of the to “dance a little bit”.

“On our last day of 🇧🇸 trip, 👫 👫and I were🕺 💃 to my buddy song, ‘I Can’t Wait to Grow Up,’ Stop What You’re doing And Dance ‘Milania Style.’ I took this down because of others comments! But today, I decided to live for me,” Joe wrote in the caption for the post. “In today’s society, we are being dictated by our fears. We must consider life a process, not an event. For instance being in 🇮🇹 is teaching me to be humble. I know it’s hard many say joe really?? Trust me living without fear you must trust that every outcome serves a greater purpose in our life. Sometimes the answer may not come immediately because it involves going on a long dreadful journey to discover it. It will involve work, but I am learning to embrace my fears, anxiety, and trust the process. Don’t allow your emotions to distract your journey! #loveyourself #change #trust #fearoffailure #journey #growmindset @milania_giudice356.”

Perhaps Joe’s positive and fearless caption has to do with the drama that’s been going on with his ex and mother of his kids, Teresa Giudice, 47. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star, who split from Joe in late 2019, recently seemed to claim that Joe cheated on her years ago during the beginning of their 20-year marriage. On a recent episode of the Bravo series, she explained that when their daughter Gia, 19, was three-years-old, she found a secret second phone he had with a woman’s phone number in it and even though he claimed the woman was just an old friend when she confronted him, she still had doubts. “Listen, I had no proof [of cheating], but I was like, ‘why are you talking to her like that? like, why do you have another phone talking to her?'” she said in the episode.

Despite the shocking admission, Teresa did leave a comment on Joe’s latest video that showed the gorgeous ladies he was hanging out with. It’s not his first time posting a video that showed him dancing with pretty bikini-clad ladies, but she didn’t seem to mind. “Lol I love that big guy trying to kick his arm bit 🤪,” she wrote referring to one of the guys who appeared in the video. “@teresagiudice the coolest part was that you and @milania_giudice356 FaceTime them. They were so 😆,” he replied, indicating that he video chatted with his former wife and daughter during the partying.

It will be interesting to see where things between Joe and Teresa go from here but it seems the two are being civil for their daughters. We hope things continue to go smoothly for their family!

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