‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Jo Worries About Alex & Amelia Makes A Game-Changing Decision

Jo revealed some shocking news about Alex during the Feb. 13 episode of 'Grey's Anatomy,' while Amelia made a big decision about her future.

Grey's Anatomy
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Meredith and DeLuca can’t ever stay away from each other for long. The new season 16 episode begins with these two in bed together. It’s casual at the moment, but DeLuca wants to talk about their relationship when they get a free minute. DeLuca heads straight to the hospital to figure out what’s wrong with Suzanne.

Amelia is getting the paternity test results today and the countdown is brutal. When she runs into Jo, the guilt gets poured on as Jo projects some of her feelings. Apparently, Alex is not returning any of Jo’s calls and is avoiding her. He says he’s “going through something” and Jo is worried. She does have some advice for Amelia: “Link loves you. Stop avoiding him.”

Amelia gets a private moment with Link to talk and asks what’s going to happen after the results come in. She specifically wants to know what will happen to their relationship if Owen is the father of her baby. Link brings up Amelia and Owen’s “complicated history.” It’s not going to be easy for either of them if Owen is the father. “I love you, Amelia,” he says. “I do. I need to know.”

The Katherine and Richard situation has stirred up dramas at both hospitals. Richard is not happy, to say the least. Katherine’s had Maggie’s privileges reinstated at Grey Sloan. Later, Richard tells Jackson that he was excited about building a team at Pac North but Katherine took it all away with the snap of her fingers.

Levi comes back to work and is assigned to an elderly patient with cancer. The patient is with her husband and they’ve lived a long and happy life together. Because of the severity of the patient’s cancer, Meredith recommends not operating. The patient’s husband pulls Levi aside and asks for a favor. Levi helps create a dance floor, where the couple met, at the hospital. After watching this beautiful moment, Levi tells Nico that he just doesn’t want sex. He wants a dance partner in life.

Suzanne heads into surgery and the master diagnostician says to get rid of all the medications that Suzanne is on to find the cause of the infection. This runs a risk of Suzanne going into septic shock. Maggie thinks this is a terrible idea but Suzanne later agrees.

When Richard walks after hearing Tom’s terms, Jackson goes to Bailey. Bailey brings together Meredith, Jackson, Owen, and Richard to lay down the law with Tom. They declare that they’re all prepared to quit if Tom doesn’t agree to their terms. Tom can’t afford to lose all the best doctors, so this is pretty much a no-brainer for him. This is a family and no one is splitting them up. Tom agrees to their terms.

Amelia watches Link from a distance as the time nears for the results to come in about the paternity test. Amelia walks away and texts Link, “I’m sorry. I didn’t run the test. I need time.” Meanwhile, Jo heads home and finds a dark and empty house — without Alex. Meredith’s voiceover says, “Time goes on and when one thing ends, something new always begins.” Is this the beginning of the end of Jolex?

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