‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Richard & Katherine Make A Big Decision About Their Future

Richard and Katherine's dinner party during the Feb. 6 episode of 'Grey's Anatomy' is the definition of awkward. Richard and Katherine's relationship takes a turn and Maggie looks ahead to a new chapter.

Grey's Anatomy
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Maggie returns to Grey Sloan and runs right into Jackson. He asks her if she’s coming to Richard and Katherine’s anniversary dinner. Maggie isn’t going to miss the dinner, even if it means another awkward run-in with Jackson. When Maggie arrives at the dinner party, there’s an awkward tension in the room because of Richard and Katherine’s ongoing issues. When Jackson gets there, it doesn’t get any better.

Vic shows up and brings Dean with her. Just when you think this dinner party can’t get more awkward, it does. Vic did not know the details of this dinner party. The actual dinner doesn’t get off to the best start, especially with Dean’s unintentionally rude joke about Vic. There’s so much not being said between Jackson and Maggie, as well as Katherine and Richard. Poor Vic and Dean.

Levi learns his beloved Uncle Saul is dying and races to see him. Levi tells him Nico is his boyfriend. Uncle Saul literally flatlines after hearing this and dies. They soon meet a man named Daniel Schwartz, who was the love of Saul’s life. Daniel and Levi immediately hit it off and Daniel offers to teach Levi how to prepare Saul’s body. Levi has so many questions about Saul, Gertie, and Daniel. He wants to know why Saul and Daniel weren’t together publicly. Daniel says he would have married Saul in an instant but he didn’t know “how to be with someone who hated himself for loving me.” While Gertie knew about Saul and Daniel, it didn’t change the way Saul felt about coming out.

Later, Levi and Nico go home. Levi tells his mother that he’s not going to hide who he loves like Saul did. He deserves to be loved openly and without judgment. She’s not truly accepting him if she’s keeping him a secret. He says he’s moving out and Nico proudly stands by his side.

In the middle of dinner, Jackson makes a toast to Richard and Katherine. “You two are the gold standard,” he says. If only Richard and Katherine felt that way. After Jackson’s toast, Katherine begins having second thoughts about the separation. He thinks it’s the wine. She says it’s not. Richard wants her to apologize for not standing by him, not showing any loyalty, and making him leave behind the hospital that he built. She does apologize — but not completely. Richard says it’s too late for them to make this work.

Later, Katherine and Richard begin bickering at the dinner table. Katherine admits to everyone that she thinks Richard has a girlfriend and that’s who he’s been texting. Richard shows her proof that’s not the case. He’s actually been texting Alex about Maggie running the cardio department. This doesn’t change the current animosity between Katherine and Richard. Katherine gets up and walks out of the room. “It’s over now,” she says. Katherine and Richard’s separation and impending divorce is officially out in the open.

Jackson comforts his mother and Vic walks in. They have Katherine’s blackberry cobbler together. Meanwhile, Maggie and Richard talk. She asks him if he thinks it’s really over with Katherine. “I do, unfortunately,” he admits. As they’re sitting there, Maggie decides to take the gig that Richard offered her earlier.

When Maggie and Jackson leave, Katherine and Richard continue to talk. Katherine is full of bitterness and tries to get under Richard’s skin by saying he’s dragging Maggie down with him. Richard knows that Katherine feels like she has to control everything and can’t stand that she’s not controlling this. Things between them get hostile. Katherine takes it to a new level by placing a call asking to put out feelers about buying Richard’s hospital. Katherine is a determined woman and is not going to give Richard an easy time. Before she walks out the door, she makes sure to tell Richard, “I’m not sorry about a damn thing.” Now that’s a mic drop.

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