‘Jersey Shore’ Star Angelina Pivarnick Reveals Why She Wanted Breast Implants Before Her Wedding

Before breast implants, Angelina Pivarnick 'wasn't confident' due to a certain problem she kept encountering. Angelina also shared her husband's reaction to the implants!

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Angelina Pivarnick
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Angelina Pivarnick, 33, was “so happy” with the results of her breast implants and breast lift in April 2019, which she EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife nearly a year after the operation! While the Jersey Shore star has been vocal about the post-operation results — even raving that her doctor, celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. John Paul Tutela, has the “Hands of a God” on Instagram — Angelina revealed the thought process that led her to these hands before her wedding day. “The reason I had them done is because I struggled my whole life with fluctuation of weight and basically they were sagging,” Angelina told us. “They were not as up there as they should be for my age. I’ve never had children and I didn’t understand why they were droopy and when I went in to see Dr. Tutela, he said I was the perfect candidate.”

Angelina complained that her breasts’ “fullness was gone,” leading to problems in the wardrobe department. “I wasn’t confident and I didn’t feel I was able to wear bathing suits without an insert in them. I would try on one-pieces or bikinis and felt I looked terrible. I didn’t want to have to wear those inserts in them anymore,” the MTV star continued. “I wasn’t able to fill out certain shirts that I wanted to wear and I knew that I wanted to wear certain shirts on TV. There are a lot of factors that come into play, especially when it comes to being female. Boobs are a big part of a female’s life, you know? It’s one of the first things that people see.”

This problem even bled into her wedding plans, before she tied the knot with Chris Larangeira in Nov. 2019. “Trying on different wedding dresses before my surgery, my boobs wouldn’t be able to fill them out like they are now,” Angelina told us. “I definitely wanted to look the best of the best on my wedding day. Also, I wanted my husband to be happy with them.” However, Angelina stressed that her groom would be “happy regardless,” boob job or no boob job — “He kept telling me I didn’t need them done, but he’s so supportive and I explained I wanted them done and told him he would like them too, so it’s a plus-plus.”

Angelina is glad she trusted her gut — and apparently, the operation wasn’t even that painful! “So immediately the day after the procedure I took my bandage off a little bit and I was like, ‘Oh my God. I have nice, full propped up boobs. They’re not low anymore.’ It’s amazing,” Angelina gushed to HollywoodLife. “A lot of people are scared of the pain and what happens throughout the process and that’s how I felt too. But I always tell people not to worry and it’s not that painful. After two weeks I was walking around normally; I mean there would be days that I would have a bit more pain than others but I was fine. But when I looked in the mirror for the first time, it was great, I had nice boobs and I felt so confident right away!”

It was only after receiving the breast implants that Angelina stumbled upon her dream wedding dress, too. “I literally didn’t find my gown until a month and a half before the wedding,” the reality television show darling admitted. Now, Angelina has advice for others considering boosting their cups an extra size or two: “I feel like for anybody who wants to have something like this done, it’s about the doctor and it has to be somebody you trust. And I completely trust Dr. Tutela, I trust him with anything now. I literally call him ‘Hands of a God’ because I really do feel like that.”

Angelina announced her new “boobies” on Instagram on Feb. 4, so of course, we also had to ask her plastic surgeon to explain the process. “There were two procedures, but it’s all done at once. With the breast augmentation, I placed highly cohesive silicone gel breast implants under the muscle,” Dr. Tutela EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. He then detailed the technicalities behind Angelina’s breast lift, which you can learn in the rest of our interview, here!

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