Sterling K. Brown Lifts Blake Lively During Steamy Shirtless Love Scene In Trailer For ‘The Rhythm Section’

Sterling K. Brown and Blake Lively get lost in one another's lips in a hot scene for their upcoming thriller flick, 'The Rhythm Section.' Blake also shows off her new action moves in the movie's trailer!

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Ryan Reynolds, close your eyes! Blake Lively, 32, gets caught in a passionate scene with co-star Sterling K. Brown, 43, in the new trailer for her spy thriller movie, The Rhythm Section, which dropped on Jan. 21. In the sneak peek, Blake — playing an average citizen-turned-assassin named Stephanie Patrick — makes out with Sterling, who plays Marc Serra in the film. Blake and Sterling seriously turn up the heat for their love scene. Sterling, who happens to be shirtless, even presses Blake up against a wall! Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele are shaking.

In the movie, Blake’s character loses her parents and two siblings in a plane crash — which turns out to not be an accidental at all. She sets off to hunt down the people responsible for the tragedy, and is seen telling Jude Law’s character (Iain Boyd) in the trailer, “I’ll find the people who did this – I’ll kill every last one of them. I need your help.” A nonstop montage of action ensues, and we see Blake swap out multiple wigs as she kicks butt.

Gone are Blake’s iconic blonde waves in the movie, which is replaced by a short brunette hair and bangs. The actress shared photos of this extreme hair makeover to her Instagram on Jan. 13, and we knew we weren’t looking at Serena van der Woodsen anymore!

The movie premieres in theaters on Jan. 31, although it was initially supposed to arrive in theaters in Feb. 2019. After being postponed for a Nov. 2019 release, the movie finally settled on a 2020 premiere. Production was delayed after Blake injured her hand while filming an action scene in Dec. 2017, which required two surgeries!

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