‘Chicago Fire’ Boss Teases ‘Angst’ In Cruz’s Wedding Episode, Stellaride’s Future & More

If you want 'Chicago Fire' season 8 scoop, you're in luck. Showrunner Derek Haas spoke with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about Stellaride, Casey's romantic future, Cruz's wedding, and more in our interview.

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Chicago Fire returned Jan. 8 after a stunning fall finale that included the brief return of Dawson. The winter premiere featured Severide’s life on the life, Sylvie and Brett tension, Seager getting a little too close to Severide, and some history about Gallo. Season 8 is about halfway through and the show is building up to some pretty epic moments. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Chicago Fire boss Derek Haas about what’s in store in the episodes ahead.

Severide and Stella are better than they’ve ever been and their relationship will only get stronger, Derek revealed. However, we have likely not seen the last of Seager. Derek teased that episode 14 of the season will “highlight” Gallo, giving us more insight into the new character. As for Casey, he’s going to have to figure out whether or not he’s really over Dawson after their steamy rendezvous. The back half of season 8 will also feature Cruz’s wedding and Derek hinted that something goes down at the bachelor party. Read our full Q&A below.

Severide and Stella are very, very happy right now. Will we see them maybe take some next steps in their relationship in the back half of the season?
Derek Haas: I think that’s a good prediction. I think they’re moving in that direction. And there’s a lot of things that are going to come their way this spring to reinforce how much they mean each other.

Have we seen the last of Seager?
Derek Haas: We have not seen the last of Seager. I really like Andy Allo, who plays Seager. I think she’s doing a great job and, hopefully, we’re going to see her back. You never know because sometimes we go to write storylines and then we find out that our guest is unavailable. But my plan is to see more of Seager.

I’d love to see Seager and Stella go head-to-head.
Derek Haas: I mean, Seager’s pretty brazen with her asking Severide to continue working with her right in front of Stella. So yeah, I would like to see some Kidd-Seager scenes.

In the first episode back, we got to know a little about Gallo’s past. Will we learn more?
Derek Haas: Well, we’re definitely going to get more Gallo screentime. I just really am a big believer in Alberto Rosende and his acting and his way that he just came right in and joined this cast, almost like a guy who’s in mid-stride. You’re going to see some more Gallo scenes. He’s got a great episode I just watched in 814 that kind of highlights his character a little bit more.

What can you say about Casey’s romantic future after Dawson’s return in the fall finale?
Derek Haas: I was really happy with the way that episode came out and it’s always great to have Monica [Raymund] grace our screens. It was intentionally left open-ended. They had a great night and Dawson left him this message on his phone saying to maybe come spend your next furlough in a disaster area with me. So, will those dynamics still be in play in the spring? The answer is yes. I think Casey is in a great place after that episode but there’s going to be a question romantically going forward. Is he over her? Is he ready to move on? I think those issues will be answered.

There’s a Cruz and Chloe wedding on the way as well. Is there anything you can tease about that?
Derek Haas: We’re going to do it before the season finale. We’re going try to do something different than we’ve done before when we’ve shown weddings on the show. It’s going to be an episode filled with a lot of angst but the location of the wedding is going to end up being really special — and fire-related.

This will be the first major event in Cruz’s life after Otis’ death, so I feel like it’s a little bittersweet. Is that something that you’ll touch on?
Derek Haas: I’m sure we will. We haven’t written the episode yet. But from what we pitched, it’s an event-filled episode. It’s kind of going to be its own special thing. There’s also going to be a question of whether or not the bachelor party should have been so close to the wedding, I’ll just say that.

In the next episode, the 51 team has to bunk with Firehouse 20 for a bit. What can you say about what that’s going to be like for these two houses to have to work together and make some space for each other?
Derek Haas: We set up that Firehouse 20 has a very different personality than Firehouse 51 and the forced proximity of each other is going to draw some blood from these two distinct firehouses butting heads. It’s not just this Captain Delaney who’s going to go head-to-head with our characters. We’re also going to have Captain Leone, who was a character that was first introduced in the women’s lounge episode. She was vaping inside the women’s lounge. She’s back and then it’s also the firehouse where Violet is stationed so there are all sorts of dynamics that are going to be at play in this next episode.

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