Jeffree Star: 5 Things About Famed Makeup Artist Who Split From Longtime BF Nathan Schwandt

Makeup artist Jeffree Star, who has had his name in the news for a bunch of different reasons over the past decade, just made headlines again after he announced his split from boyfriend Nathan Schwandt.

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Jeffree Star
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Social media went into full meltdown mode when Jeffree Star, 34, revealed on January 10 that he and his boyfriend Nathan Schwandt, 26, had broken up after being in a relationship for five years. “We are a few weeks of me and Nathan no longer being together and I don’t even know where to begin,” he sadly said in the clip of him confessing to their split. “There’s no easy way to say this but we did break up. I’ve used a lot of this time of silence to just try to heal, we’re both in a state of shock, I’m devastated, I’m so sad and the love of my life is no longer…I don’t wake up to him anymore. He’s no longer here every morning.”

Jeffree has made a name for himself outside his relationship by becoming a massive beauty icon with a couple of big problems along the way. Check out 5 things there is to know about him:

1) He’s an Orange County kid! That’s right, Jeffree is a native Southern Californian. Early on, he began experimenting with his mother’s makeup and by junior high, he had convinced his mother to allow him to wear some to school. After graduation, he moved north to LA where he started to pursue his career in makeup and entertainment! The 31-year-old claimed afterwards that clubbing in Hollywood was where he got his first makeup jobs with celebrities.

2) Jeffree was a MySpace pioneer. Long before there was Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, there was MySpace, which Jeffree utilized to grow his following and start his career as a blogger covering everything from makeup to music to his personal life. His MySpace photoshoots were so popular, many received as many as 50,000 comments!

3) He’s a musician and singer. As his followers grew on social media, he began flirting with the idea of starting a music career. He has since released 3 EPs and 1 full-length album titled Beauty Killer. He also appeared in the music video for the second version of Kesha‘s single “Take It Off”! Check out more pics of Jeffree right here!

4) He has many, many tattoos. Jeffree is something of an illustrated man! Some of his artwork includes American Psycho‘s Patrick Bateman (played by Christian Bale) on his torso, a Jesus Christ chest-piece (that looks a heck-of-a-lot like Kurt Cobain) and a menacing shark on his stomach! His love for the ink definitely explains his kinship with Kat Von D! However, their friendship went belly-up when she decided to part ways with Jeffree over his “negativity” in 2016.

5) Jeffree is known for his sometimes combative and racist comments. Roughly 12 years ago, Jeffree often attacked others with vicious posts. He has since apologized but many are not so willing to forget his careless words. After Kim discovered what she was defending on Aug. 14, she quickly shared another video explaining her naivete and apologizing for making light of Jeffree’s hurtful words.