Reese Witherspoon Gets Special Delivery From Beyonce & Jay-Z After Sipping Their Champagne At Globes

Reese Witherspoon received the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers and some of Ace of Spades champagne, just days after sneaking some from Beyonce & Jay-Z's table at the Golden Globes!

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Image Credit: REX/Shutterstock

Reese Witherspoon, 43, got the best surprise when she came home on Jan. 9! “I just got home from New York and the most beautiful flowers are here,” Reese began in her video she posted to her Instagram story, showing off the gorgeous bouquet on her kitchen table. “And a case of Ace of Spades Champagne,” the Oscar winner shared, positively beaming with delight! What’s more, Reese also received a note from the senders, who were none other than Beyonce, 38, and Jay-Z, 50. “It says, ‘More water from Jay and B,'” she read off the white parchment. Naturally, Reese was so excited to dive right into the delicious drink and brought a special guest to taste test!

In the next clip, Reese’s mom, Betty, appeared after being drafted to try the luxurious drink. “Do you think it’s too early to drink?” Betty asked her daughter. “Who cares,” Reese replied as she unscrewed the top to get to the cork. “It’s for Jay-Z and Beyonce!” Betty couldn’t help but agree. “That’s right, that’s ok. Let’s have it for…lunch!” Pretty soon, Reese was wholly prepared to uncork the bottle, with her mom appearing just a bit nervous. And she had reason to be! With the pressure of Reese’s fingers, the cork flew across the room and some of the champagne spilled out due to the carbonation! Finally, Reese and her mom tried the drink, sipping from their glamorous champagne glasses. “That’s really good,” Reese said, with Betty adding, “Delicious! Whoa!” Before the end of the video, Reese left a message for Queen B and Jay-Z: “Cheers! Thank you so much!”

Reese’s surprise comes just after she was spotted snagging a few sips of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s own champagne from the Golden Globes on Jan. 5. The couple toted along the rapper’s Armand de Brignac brand to the awards ceremony, and it quickly became all the rage! Reese’s The Morning Show co-star, Jennifer Aniston, revealed during the awards show that once their table had run out of water, the Legally Blonde star simply asked Beyonce and Jay-Z for some of their champagne! “Reese!? This is one of the many reasons I love you,” Jen posted to her own Instagram story on Jan. 5. “We ran out of water at our table. So naturally, she asked Jay Z and Beyonce for a glass of their champagne,” she concluded with a pair of champagne glass emojis! No wonder Reese got “more water!”

With the raucous night that is the Golden Globes, fans might not always be able to catch everything. But this story of the traveling champagne was too good to miss! Perhaps we’ll see Reese, Beyonce, and Jay-Z enjoying some bubbly at the upcoming awards shows; we’ll have to wait and see!

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