Chris Brown & Ammika Harris Spark Marriage Rumors Among Fans By Wearing ‘Wedding Rings’

Did Chris Brown and Ammika Harris just say 'I do?' The exes, who just welcomed a son, are sparking rumors of a secret marriage after both rocked massive diamond rings on THAT finger!

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Do Chris Brown and Ammika Harris have something they want to tell us? Fans are convinced that Breezy, 30, and his ex-girlfriend, 26, actually got married on the sly, after Ammika posted a photo on Instagram of herself wearing several, gorgeous diamond rings on January 10. Even better? Chris was wearing a pair of diamond rings back in December, in the photo he posted to announce their son, Aeko Brown‘s birth. As you can see in the side-by-side photos below, the classic — yet very flashy — bands look quite similar, and are on their left ring fingers! Obviously, they could just be flashing some new jewels. Chris has worn his diamond band many, many times in the past.

But Ammika’s second pic in her January 10 Instagram Story is a little sus. It’s a sweet photo of an elderly couple holding onto each other tight, captioned, “Marriage doesn’t guarantee you will be together forever. It takes love, respect, trust, understanding, friendship, and faith in your relationship to make it last.” Is that a hint or…? Fans were falling over themselves after seeing the photos. “Aww I support this! I she, him, Roro and Aeko are happy together. I’m super happy,” one fan commented on Instagram. “I’m shipping…if he’s happy that’s what matters,” another gushed. “I think it might be an engagement. Chris is in love!”

Chris and Ammika’s true relationship status has been the talk of the town for weeks now. They weren’t together romantically when they welcomed baby Aeko into the world, in November 2019, but Chris started flirting with her hardcore on Instagram again a few weeks ago. When Ammika posted a series of hot selfies to Instagram on January 9, Chris commented, “Damn you sexy.” He and Ammika are together constantly as they care for their newborn son. He’s frequently in the background of her videos starring their little guy, and he posts content involving her, too.

Aeko’s birth has, naturally, brought them closer together than ever, a source recently told HollywoodLife. “Chris and Ammika share a very strong bond and it’s only gotten stronger since the baby was born,” a source told us EXCLUSIVELY. “Chris is head over heels in love with his son and so grateful to Ammika for bringing him into this world.” They added that Chris was going to “spoil both of them rotten” for Christmas 2019. Could that have included a new diamond ring or two?