Hilary Duff’s Trainer Reveals The Easy & Effective 20-Minute Workout That Will Tone Up Your Entire Body

If you're looking for a fast & effective full-body workout, look no further, because Hilary Duff's trainer, Jonathan Tylicki, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, how to get toned in just 20 minutes!

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Just in time for the new year, celebrity trainer, Jonathan Tylicki, whose clients include Hilary Duff, 32, Alicia Keys, 38, and David Burtka, 44, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, the 20-minute full-body workout that will whip you into great shape. Jonathan, who is the director of education at workout studio AKT, shared that interval training is one of the best workouts to do. “Interval training is the best way to train long-term. It’s also a great way to ease yourself into the gym if you are a beginner. Interval training means alternating periods of intensity. It can be as easy as 10 minutes of cardio and 10 minutes of strength for the total duration you’re looking to workout. If you’re just starting out, don’t feel like you have to spend an hour doing cardio and an hour doing strength. Start small and as you progress, you can do longer/shorter/more intense intervals.”

Jonathan revealed you don’t need a gym membership or equipment to get an amazing workout. “Bodyweight exercises have been shown to promote fat loss and increase lean muscle mass, but also allow you to work more stabilization and balance muscles compared to gym equipment. At AKT a lot of our travel workouts incorporate bodyweight and a towel – you’d be surprised at how much you can do with a towel and the burn it brings on! We have great no-equipment travel workouts on our online platform AKT On Demand that lead you through full-body or more focused strength and cardio workouts.”

When it comes to losing weight, Jonathan shared some other trips to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including changing your diet. “Most people do well with what I call the ‘switch out’ – trading a non-nourishing item for something that has more body fueling benefit. A great example of this is switching your morning coffee/latte/espresso for a low-sugar green juice or smoothie. You’ll get the benefit of naturally providing fuel and nutrients for your body with a low inflammation and acidity alternative that still makes you feel good, without the crash or yearn for wanting more. It’s also a great idea to always pack your lunch. We find that once lunch hits, people are struggling to find the time to eat properly, and those healthy habits that started their day fall off and convenience leads people to choose less than optimal meals.”

As for the ideal exercise routine, Jonathan admits, “The ideal exercise routine is whatever keeps you consistent! Consistency is the name of the game when you are wanting to see lasting changes. That’s why our programming at AKT reinvents itself every three weeks, so over the course of the three weeks you can see and feel yourself get better, and then change up the workout so you don’t get bored and never plateau. Our group classes truly offer the best of motivational, fun and encouraging workouts, with the benefits and personalization of private training programming.”

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