T.I., 39, Playfully Mocks Wife Tiny, 44, Over Her Grey Hair: ‘Somebody’s Old As Hell’ — Watch

T.I. and Tiny appeared to have a loving moment where he was caressing her hair, until he pointed out that she had greys in her scalp and joked she was 'old as hell.'

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Even when they’re playfully fussing at each other, T.I. and Tiny are still the cutest couple. The 44-year-old Xscape singer shared an Instagram story on Dec. 11 where her 39-year-old husband was checking out her hair. He was poking around the scalp of her dark brown locks when he pointed out “Look at those streaks,” putting his finger along her scalp line where she had a few grey hairs. Of course they both had snappy comebacks to his pointing out her greys.

“Somebody smart as hell,” Tiny told him about the little white wisps of hair that just needed a root-touch up, while Tip joked back, “Somebody old as hell.” The video the cut out right then and there. Since it was on her IG stories, people couldn’t comment on it but The Shade Room grabbed it and shared it so that fans could give their take on the couple’s grey hair encounter.

There was mixed reaction to the video, with a woman named hazelbaby writing, “They cute cute ❤️,” and user w.dxnds adding, “Aww they so cute ❤️.” However way more fans blamed Tip for giving Tiny grey hairs via stress during their marriage. User ettybitchesandbackwoods wrote, “He the reason she got em 😂,” and davie_waviee told T.I., “But you’re responsible for those, sir 😂.” prettyexotic84, added, TI…your the reason she has them🙄😩😩.”

One fan amtherealcain even used the video to take a shot for Tip famously revealing that he accompanies his daughter Deyjah Harris, 18, to her OB-GYN appointments and demands to see the proof that her hymen is in tact, meaning she’s still a virgin. The user joked, “While he’s giving his daughter grey hairs.” A woman who goes by carefreelikelee made a similar joke about Tip’s revelation, asking, “Does he go to her hair appointments too?” when it comes to his wife.

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