Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Celebrate Thanksgiving In Oklahoma & Debut Their ‘Funyun’ Turkey

Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton had quite the exciting Thanksgiving in Oklahoma as the couple made a Funyun covered turkey this holiday!

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If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that Gwen Stefani, 50, and Blake Shelton, 43, are always having fun together and are constantly surprising us. That’s exactly what the adorable couple did when they spent Thanksgiving in Blake’s hometown of Oklahama on November 28 and instead of making a classic turkey, they covered theirs in their favorite chips – Funyuns. Gwen gave us a play by play on her Instagram stories all day and she asked her son Apollo what they’re eating for dinner this year. Apollo said to the camera, “Because everyone loves Funyons in this family, we’re going to have a Funyon turkey.” When Gwen asked him who was going to make it, Apollo immediately responded, “Blake is,” but Blake joked and said, “no you are!”

All of the kids were sitting around a table in camouflage gear smashing bags of Funyons to get ready to add to the turkey, while Gwen showed off the delicious trays of baked mac and cheese that she made. For the occasion, they made two turkeys – one was smoked and the other was covered in chips. Gwen showed their unique turkey being made when she videotaped the turkey in a pressure cooker as Blake sprinkled Funyun crumbs all over it.

The finished product looked absolutely amazing and Gwen showed a video of the Funyon-crusted meat saying, “Everybody keeps saying it’s Cheetos but it’s not, its Funyuns.” While she said that, you can see Blake digging into the turkey with his hands while his mom is in the background saying how good it looks.

Gwen and Blake seemed to have an amazing holiday and aside from the turkey, Gwen shared a snippet of her cozy outfit for the day, saying, “Happy Thanksgiving I’m really excited that I get to wear my cowgirl sweater that I bought last year, it seems like the perfect choice.”