‘The Challenge’s Kailah Spotted Hanging Out With Stephen Bear & Fans Wonder If She Split From Her BF

Fans of 'The Challenge' are wondering if something is going on between Kailah Casillas and Stephen Bear after spotting her in his Instagram Story and seeing her boyfriend, Mikey's, recent tweets!

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Kailah Casillas, who is known for starring on The Challenge and Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, posted a standard selfie to Instagram on Nov. 23 — but fans noticed something very specific about the image. In the pic, Kailah was wearing a ring on her hand, and people were quick to point out that it looked like the same bling that fellow Challenge star, Stephen Bear, is often sporting. Shortly after that, Kailah popped up on Bear’s Instagram story, and the rumor mill began spinning! Of course, Kailah has been in a relationship with Mikey P for several years, and fans are still buzzing about whether or not something happened between them.

After the buzz picked up, Mikey took to Twitter to address the situation. “I have no idea what’s going on,” he wrote. “Like at all. I’m as lost as you. Kailah and I have so many amazing times together over the past 3/4 years, I would never talk bad on any of that or her.” Kailah, who had stayed quiet about the situation until this point, responded, “Can we not make this a public spectacle? This is no one’s business but ours. You act like I haven’t contacted you at all and that is not the cast. I’ve told you time and time again that we will talk when you and I are both back in Vegas. That’s the last I’ll say on that.”

Fans begged Kailah to let them in on what was going on, but she responded by explaining that she is “contractually obligated to not speak” at this point. It is unclear when Kailah and Mikey will both be back in Las Vegas (where they live) — he tweeted on Nov. 24 that he would be heading to Philadelphia and New Jersey the next day.

For now, anything about Kailah and Bear is based on nothing but speculation. On The Challenge, Kailah has previously been linked to Cory Wharton, while Bear spent the last two seasons hooking up with Georgia Harrison.

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