‘RHOP’s Gizelle Bryant Reveals ‘Everything Is New Again’ With Ex Jamal Bryant 10 Years After Split

'RHOP' star Gizelle Bryant is giving a shot at love again to her ex husband Jamal Bryant after splitting 10 Years ago and she's spilling why this time around it's working.

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As we’ve seen since her debut on Bravo’s The Real Housewives Of Potomac in season one, Gizelle Bryant, 49, knows a thing or two about navigating her way through drama and difficult relationships. After a failed marriage involving a cheating scandal with ex husband Pastor Jamal Bryant, 48, we’ve seen Gizelle try to find love with a variety of different suitors (hello Sherman!), but Gizelle is giving the man who she shares her three beautiful daughters with another go as they begin to work through the logistics of it all. “Yeah, everything old is new again,” Gizelle told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY during the first annual BravoCon in New York City on Nov. 15. “But, there’s a lot of things to work out. I have a major life where I live in Maryland. My kids are in school there. He’s got a big church in Atlanta. Where would I live? It’s a lot of things to work out.”
Fans of reality TV may have seen Jamal in the news lately for hanging out with another famous face who goes by the name of Kanye West , 42, after the rapper reached out to Jamal to do a Sunday Service at his church. Jamal then made headlines for taking a stand against Kanye’s passionate political views on  Donald Trump, but for Gizelle, it’s just another reason why she’s so attracted to her man. “That’s why I love him,” Gizelle said. “He doesn’t pull any punches. He states his case. He’s always on the right side of right or my right. What I think is right, especially for our community. Kanye donated I think $25,000 to newborns, but because of it, Jamal, David to Morris Brown, which is a black college, which is where Kanye’s mother worked as a teacher and he gave it to that college in Kanye’s mother’s name. Yeah. Just to say, you know what? We loved the fact that you donated it, but right now you’re doing a little bit too much for Trump, so we’re just going to donate this money in your mom’s name, somewhere else. No bad blood. As a matter of fact, Kanye was very appreciative, but we all have our different political views and there’s nothing wrong with it. But you got to stick to what’s true to you.”
Though the two are still figuring out their next steps, one thing is for certain. Should Jamal decide to pop the question, Gizelle is confident she knows how she’d respond. “I would say yes,” Gizelle said. “He’s the only man I’ve ever married, so marrying him again would be easy, I think.”

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