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‘RHOP’s Gizelle Bryant Shades Ramona Singer After Embarrassing Photo Snub

After Ramona asked Gizelle to step out of a photo op at a Hamptons lunch event in July, things got awkward -- but Gizelle is clapping back in an EXCLUSIVE new interview with HollywoodLife!

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They may not be on the same show, but the drama on Real Housewives has no boundaries. Real Housewives of Potomac star Gizelle Bryant, 48, and Real Housewives of New York‘s Ramona Singer, 62, both attended the Lacroix Hot in the Hamptons luxury luncheon on July 27, and though the two don’t know each other well — it’s safe to say things are officially awkward. During a cocktail portion of the lunch, Ramona was caught on camera awkwardly asking Gizelle to step out of a photo op while Gizelle was already posing and ready-to-go. “Do you mind?” Ramona — who is refusing to shoot RHONY was heard saying in the clip, which was captured by the Out in the Wild Podcast. “What you saw on the video was actually like a snippet of really everything that happened. So you know, it was a nice little Hamptons event. When she got there, they asked me to come take a picture with her, of course,” Gizelle told HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE new interview. “So as I’m walking she just sees me and just starts running away from me, which is weird.”

After that, the situation turned cringeworthy. “So, finally we kind of get to a place where we’re all in the same area and they’re like, ‘Gizelle!’ The photographers are asking me to get in the picture. Otherwise, I would not have stepped in the picture because you know, I don’t do that,” the EveryHue Beauty founder continued. “And so when they did and I went to go set up for the picture, she asked me to get out now.” Though the scenario was confusing, it was Ramona’s approach that left a bad taste in Gizelle’s mouth. “I wasn’t offended by [moving out of the photo] because I just take a lot of pictures all the time. So that wasn’t a big deal,” she confirmed. “What was the big deal was that she wasn’t nice about it and my daughter was there. And it really, really bothered my daughter and, later she realized she was wrong because all of the photographers were like, ‘Who do you think you’re dealing with like, do you know that that’s Gizelle? What are you doing?’ So, she did apologize to me.”

Though Ramona did attempt to clear the air, the situation isn’t exactly water under the bridge. When asked if the women are “good now,” Gizelle swiftly responded “I wouldn’t say that, but I’m going to say she apologized.” As for rumors that perhaps Ramona didn’t know who Gizelle was — the women do, after all, live four hours from each other and there are several Housewives franchises — Gizelle’s not buying it. “[Ramona] knew exactly who I was because they told her the day before that I was going to be there and when she got there, they told her I was there,” Gizelle revealed. “So, you know, and anytime Housewives in different franchises are out and about, they always just like us to take pictures together. She just got weirded out and just didn’t want to do it. Which is fine. She should have just said that from the beginning. And saved herself the embarrassment because she was really embarrassed, not me…And if I was Ramona, I wouldn’t want to stand next to me either,” Gizelle quipped.

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Ramona drama aside, the RHOP star — who is mom to Grace, 14, and twins Adore and Angel, 13 — has plenty on the go. She recently penned a novel titled My Word which is loosely based on her life and marriage to ex-husband and father to her children Jamal Harrison Bryant. “It is loosely based on my life when I was married and I was married to a pastor. So a lot of people really just don’t know about that whole black church world and life. And so I’ve just gave people some insight. It’s very salacious,” she reveals. “It’s very much a page turner. You could probably read it, I would say in like two nights right before you go to bed. Once you start, you just really can’t put it down.”

In addition, the stunning Gizelle now calls herself an author, releasing her very first book My Word exclusively to Amazon. She’s also busy as the founder of EveryHue Beauty, which launched in Target back in 2017 — and is now expanding its offerings. “I’ve got some new products I added to the line. I have lips for this fall. I did a liquid highlighter, which is amazing,” Gizelle spilled. “If you put that on, you don’t even have to wear blush which is nice, a nice little touch to your face. A corrector concealer, so those bags underneath your eyes are going to be disappearing immediately.” The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sunday nights on Bravo.