Meryl Streep Is Officially Co-Chair Of Met Gala 2020 & New Theme Revealed: What You Need To Know

In what could possibly be the most exciting news ever, Meryl Streep is officially co-chair of the 2020 Met Gala, plus, the new theme was revealed & we have everything you need to know, right here!

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Meryl Streep, 70, is officially bringing her The Devil Wears Prada character, Miranda Priestly, to life, as it was just announced on Wednesday, Nov. 6, that she will be the co-chair of the 2020 Met Gala. Not only is Meryl co-chair of the 2020 gala, which marks the 150th anniversary of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, it also marks the very first time she has ever attended the famous event. The theme of the upcoming gala, which falls on May 7, is, “About Time: Fashion and Duration,” which was chosen by the curator of the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Andrew Bolton. According to The New York Times, the theme is inspired by Virginia Woolf novels as well as 20th-century theories from French philosopher, Henri Bergson.

Meryl played the role of Miranda, who was a dreadful editor of fashion magazine, Runway, in the 2006 hit movie, The Devil Wears Prada. While it was never officially confirmed, many people speculated that the character of Miranda was based on the editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, Anna Wintour. Considering Anna is chairwoman of the gala, we can only hope that Anna walks the carpet dressed as Miranda Priestly, alongside Meryl.

Aside from Meryl and Anna, other co-chairs of this year’s gala include Emma Stone, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Nicolas Ghesquière, artistic director of Louis Vuitton. The theme will exhibit 160 different pieces of women’s fashion over the course of the past 150 years and more.

We cannot wait to see what Meryl wears to her very first Met Gala and we are secretly praying she and Anna collaborate on a Devil Wears Prada ensemble.

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