Iggy Azalea Is Unrecognzable On Artwork For New Single After Plastic Surgery — Pic

Iggy Azalea looks nothing like her former self in new artwork for her latest single. She's sporting plumper lips, more prominent cheeks, plenty of cleavage and a slimmer nose in the new photo.

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Iggy Azalea is that you? The Australian rapper just released the artwork for her upcoming single “Lola” and she’s practically unrecognizable in the photo. The 29-year-old has admitted in the past to getting a breast enhancement and a nose job, but it looks like she had some more work done. Iggy’s nose seems even slimmer, her lips have a noticeable pout to them and her cheekbones are more prominent in the pic. She’s shown alongside singer Alice Chatter as the ladies are styled to resemble each other with matching long straight blonde hair, green outfits and similar makeup jobs. Iggy is sporting a ton of cleavage in the pic, but she’s been honest about how she’s had work done on her boobs.

Iggy admitted to Vogue in 2015 that she had got bigger breasts, as it was something she always wanted. “I did change something: Four months ago, I got bigger boobs! I’d thought about it my entire life.” She said she was sick of having to pad her stage costumes and initially didn’t want to reveal she went under the knife. “But then, I decided I wasn’t into secret-keeping,” she revealed and said she wanted to be honest with her fans.

Also in 2015, Iggy admitted to getting rhinoplasty after she appeared at the Billboard Music Awards in May of that year with a slimmer nose. “I’m not denying it. Denying it is lame,” she told Seventeen magazine, adding “I don’t think you should be ashamed if you made a change to yourself, which is why I’ve spoken about the changes I’ve made.” She’s had so much work done that daytime talk show host Wendy Williams famously referred to her as “The Australian girl with the fake body.”


Iggy Azalea
On left, Iggy Azalea in 2013 before getting a nose job and breast enhancements. On right, Iggy in 2017 with bigger boobs and plumper lips.

Elsewhere, T.I. is explaining why he called Iggy “the biggest blunder” of his illustrious career. On Oct. 9 The Root reported that he said, “I’m still actively looking for another female rapper who can undo the blunder of Iggy Azalea. That is the tarnish of my legacy as far as [being] a [music] executive is concerned. To me, this is like when Michael Jordan went to play baseball.”

The 39-year-old went on The Breakfast Club on Oct. 28 to further explain his statement. “The question was, ‘What in your career do you think you still have to accomplish?’ and I said, ‘Well, I gotta introduce another female to the game that can undo the blunder of Iggy Azalea,” he revealed in the interview. When asked why she was a “blunder,” Tip spoke bluntly. “Well I mean, I really feel like she was meant to be great. I’m not speaking down on her, I don’t wish no ill will on her, you know, she happens to be the biggest thing tomorrow, great. But as far as I’m concerned I feel like when she found out white people liked her and she didn’t really need black people to like her anymore, she switched up and started acting differently, moves that I wasn’t proud of that kind of placed my reputation in the line of fire and she was very arrogant about it, and I feel like that energy led to motherf*ckers like, ‘ehh we ain’t f*ckin with that’.”

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