Travis Scott: How He Really Feels About Kylie Jenner Potentially Hanging Out With Tyga Again

Travis Scott isn't letting rumors about Kylie Jenner and Tyga distract him, as a source tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that the rapper is 'cool' with whatever his ex decides to do in her personal life.

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Travis Scott28, won’t let any drama cloud his life. The rapper isn’t concerned with what his ex, Kylie Jenner, 22, does in regards to hanging out with her ex, Tyga, 29. “Travis really doesn’t know what’s going on in terms of Kylie and Tyga hanging out but to be honest, he really has no concerns at all whether or not they do, and that had nothing to do with why they split,” a source shared EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife. “Travis understands Kylie and Tyga were together for a long time and he’s cool with it if they decide to hang out with each other again. Travis is just focused on his music and on his daughter, Stormi [Webster], 1. As long as he and Kylie can maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship, he is cool with whatever they decide to do in regards to their personal lives.”

Another source solidified the sentiment, saying that Travis and Kylie share a “love and respect there that is unmatched.” Right now, Travis is putting his little girl at the center of his life, and wants to “be an example for Stormi.” Plus the rapper is not looking to add any more speculation around his relationship with Kylie as the two continue co-parenting their daughter. “He doesn’t want to bring in any unneeded drama, he has to man up and that is his focus. He has no beef with Tyga or anyone right now that Kylie hangs out with.”

Kylie and Travis ended their relationship of over two years in October 2019, and reportedly agreed to 50/50 custody of sweet Stormi. Prior to their split, however, Kylie was seen having a mini reunion with Tyga. The pair were spotted at the Sapphire Strip Club in Las Vegas while celebrating Sofia Richie’s 21st birthday at the end of August. While the exes didn’t spend much time together, they did offer one another a cordial greeting before going their separate ways for the night.

Meanwhile, Tyga and Kylie were linked from November 2014- April 2017 in a dramatic on-again, off-again romance that sparked a lot of controversy due to their age difference, considering Kylie was just a teenager at the time. Now that Kylie has split from Travis, fans began wondering if she was seeing Tyga again, as she was spotted at his recording studio during the early hours of Oct. 3. However, Kylie swiftly took to Twitter and immediately shut down the rumors, reminding her fans and followers that she and Travis are on good terms and that Stormi is their priority.