Victoria Justice Reveals The ‘Tough’ New Workout She Does So She Can Eat ‘Whatever I Want’

Victoria Justice is looking better than ever and she credits it to an effective new workout routine that her sister introduced to her and she now takes part in on a regular basis.

Victoria Justice
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Image Credit: Gregory Pace/Shutterstock

Victoria Justice, 26, is ready to eat all her favorite foods during the upcoming holidays because she’s found an impressive workout routine that’s been helping her to stay in shape! The stunning actress and singer EXCLUSIVELY spoke with HollywoodLife at the 2019 amfAR Gala, which took place at Milk Studio, in Los Angeles, CA on Oct. 10 and opened up about her experience with hot yoga, which her sister introduced to her, and how it’s been helping her body even if sometimes it’s too “tough” to bear.

“Well my sister has gotten me into hot yoga,” she EXCLUSIVELY said. “So yeah it’s tough. It was really not my thing in the beginning. And I still am in the classes sometimes and I’m like, ‘Why am I doing this? Why am I here right now?’ But it’s… You always leave feeling better. But yesterday we did a class and I had to step out ’cause I was just… I was that one person that was like, Nope, can’t take it. But when it’s over, you always feel like, Oh, your muscles, they’re relaxed and it’s so good.”

The hot yoga is coming in handy for Victoria since Thanksgiving is just a little over a month away. She told us she’s not too worried about gaining weight by eating all her favorite foods because she “works out frequently”. “Rule of thumb, I just kind of eat whatever I want,” she admitted. So what does she plan on eating this year? “My favorite food on Thanksgiving… love a good prime rib stuffed with garlic and good stuffing,” she gushed. “And pie, I’m a big pie person. Love all the pies. Love pumpkin pie. We get chocolate cream pie sometimes in my household and they are so good, really good.”

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