‘The Challenge’ Recap: A Strong Player Is Sent Home After A Shocking Betrayal By His Own Team

Just three weeks in, one team is already turning on each other on 'The Challenge: War of the Worlds' -- and it results in an elimination that NO ONE saw coming!

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The Sept. 11 episode of The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 begins with team meetings for both the U.S. and U.K. teams. Some of the U.S. players are worried about other team members aligning themselves too closely with the U.K. cast. Aside from the obvious — Wes — Josh is also worrisome because of his friendship with Georgia. In order to prove himself to his team, Josh promises to nominate himself as a speaker for the tribunal if the U.S. wins the next challenge, so they know that they can trust him to vote the strongest U.K. players into elimination…even if they’re his friends.

Meanwhile, the U.K. team also chats about who will be their speaker if they win. Bear wants to nominate himself, but since he, and Theo are on the outs with the team’s main alliance, led by Joss and Rogan, he has trouble convincing the others. It leads to some tension amongst the U.K. team. At the daily challenge, the players have to memorize a set of numbers, then use them to unlock 16 locks that are holding up puzzle pieces in a giant, spinning, hamster wheel-like contraption.

The U.S. team majorly struggles with the challenge, while the U.K. team seems to breeze through it right easier. T.J. Lavin reveals that U.K. finished the challenge quicker, but they are NOT named the winners. That’s because two of their locks were BROKEN off, as opposed to open with the codes. The cheating disqualifies them, and U.S. wins, with Josh nominating himself as speaker and choosing Zach and Laurel to join him in the tribunal.

At the U.K. elimination nomination, things explode when several players express wanting to vote Bear in. He tries to fight it, but the majority of the team votes him in since he’s not in their alliance, and he’s heading to the proving ground. Now, Josh, Zach and Laurel have to pick Bear’s opponent. The rest of the team is hoping they go with the strongest U.K. player — Theo — but Josh is hesitant to do so because he doesn’t want Theo to come back with a vengeance.

Of course, earlier in the episode, Josh promised his team that he would vote in the strongest U.K player if he was in the tribunal, so Wes calls him out for going back on his word. It leads to major tension between Josh and Wes, who argue over it until Josh finally leaves the room. After that, Wes starts gossiping about how Josh is an “expendable” player who they can vote in as soon as they have a chance. What he doesn’t know is that Laurel is listening to the whole conversation…and rushes to Josh afterward to share what she heard.

Laurel and Josh come up with an alternate plan: They’ll both vote Wes into the elimination and completely blindside him! However, Josh’s alliance member, Paulie, tries to talk some sense into Josh and warn him not to rock the boat. He assures him that voting Theo in is what’s best for the team, not JUST a decision to appease Wes.

At the proving ground, Zach votes for Theo, but Lauren and Josh shock everyone by picking Wes. Wes and Bear are tasked with fighting over balls that are fired at them, with the goal being to score two balls in their respective goals. Bear scores the first point easily, but things get much more physical with the second ball. However, Bear wins the point, and eliminates Wes. He also decides to stay on team U.K., even though he has a lot of enemies on his team.

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