Laura Pieri Reveals How She Sets Herself Apart From J.Lo After Being Compared To The Singer

Cory Rooney is responsible for putting JLO on the map, and now, his newest protege, Laura Pieri, opens up about how she's making her own mark in the industry in our EXCLUSIVE interview!

Image Credit: Courtesy of Mickey Mars

When Laura Pieri, 22, first met her current music producer Cory Rooney, 51, she was fully aware of who he was — after all, he’s the man responsible for discovering Jennifer Lopez, 50, as well as producing numerous hits for the likes of Mariah Carey, 49, Beyonce, 38, and Mary J. Blige, 48, just to name a few. Though Laura was beyond honored to work with him, she wanted to make sure that she was able to set herself apart from Jennifer, seeing as she too had aspirations to be a Latina pop princess. “I think I have my own style, to be honest,” Laura tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY when we met with her at TomTom Restaurant in West Hollywood, as she was promoting her song ‘What You Gonna Do?’ “I’m definitely very pop right now.”

And because Laura works so closely with Cory, she was fully ready for the comparisons to Jenny from the Block, but it doesn’t bother her at all! “I think people compare me to her because of Cory,” Laura shared. “I’m not so sure people would if it wasn’t for Cory, but at the same time, I’m obviously very flattered every time I get the comparison. We are both Latino women who are in an American market, so there is also that side of it.”

Though Laura is still waiting to meet the woman in the industry who she is compared to most, JLO, she is doing her best to be fully prepared for when it actually happens. “I don’t know that she’s heard my music,” Laura said. “But I don’t know how meeting her is going to be, because she’s JLO. I’m definitely going to cry. I might ugly cry. I definitely might ugly cry.”

For now though, Laura is focused on making her own name in the industry by following her own head and heart. “I like to sing about stuff that is true to my life and it’s true to my story and is true to my experience, and it just makes me feel good,” Laura shared. “It just brings me joy to make music. It just brings me happiness.”

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