‘RHOBH’ Cast’s Go-to Esthetician Reveals The Skincare Secrets He Used To Get Them ‘Camera Ready’

It's no secret that the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' have perfect skin & their go-to esthetician, Joshua Ross, told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, how he gets their faces camera-ready!

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Being filmed every day of your life can be stressful because you want your skin to look perfect on camera. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast, however, always manages to look flawless on TV and it’s all thanks to their celebrity esthetician and SkinlabUSA founder, Joshua Ross. Joshua caught up with HollywoodLife at the SkinlabUSA office in West Hollywood, CA on August 27, where he spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the site about what the housewives’ skincare regimens consist of and how they achieve perfect complexions. Sharing details about their favorite treatments, Joshua said, “Housewives specifically need to be camera-ready at a moment’s notice. There are always last-minute events, last-minute pick-ups for the TV shows, so we really don’t have time to do downtime. We really focus on the way that we can get the most out of the time that we have, which is things like radio-frequency skin tightening. Those are really good because you get instant results. It’s minor redness for just a few minutes and then you get an instant tightening, so it’s a great red carpet treatment. They also love hydra-facials, just because of the dirty makeup that they’re wearing all the time and obviously, it’s makeup on top of makeup on top of makeup. So, you really have to get in there and clean those pores.”

Despite loving treatments, the ladies don’t really experiment much, Joshua admits. “In general, we don’t really do a lot of new treatments on the celebrities and the Housewives, because we just don’t want to take the risks that anything could happen where they wouldn’t be able to film or tape or anything like that,” he shared. Teddi Mellencamp was a client of Joshua’s before she was even on the show, so she’s to thank for his appearance on season 8. Once he found out Teddi was going to be on the show, he said he reached out to her immediately to come in for some treatments to get her prepped for the camera. “It was just a natural progression from there, but she said, ‘Would you like to be featured? I’ll talk to the producers and see if we can do us coming by the office,'” Joshua shared. “It was honestly a dream come true. I mean, I really could not tell you how much of a fan I am of that show and, for what I do, it really is the number one industry stamp of approval that you can have. The thing that makes that show so special when it comes to aesthetics and beauty treatments, is that people are really desperate to know what these girls are doing and what their routines are, more than I would say any other show on television. They’re always doing cutting-edge things and the newest, latest treatments, and all that kind of stuff. So it was an honor and I hope to be featured again in the future,” Joshua concluded.

As the weather starts to change, Joshua shared some skincare tips that he also recommends to clients. “A washcloth! It’s just a quick little thing that anybody can introduce into their routine. A lot of people are doing the most and they’re over-exfoliating their skin at home, but you still want a gentle exfoliation at home, so a washcloth is a great way to do that nightly,” he shared. “It’s really great too because you actually get to see that your makeup is being removed because, a lot of times, you do a cleanse and you rinse and then you’ll go to dry and you see stuff coming up on the towel. If you use a washcloth every time, you know that you’ll never be over-exfoliating, and it can just help get some of that dry, summer skin off. The fall is also a really great time to do a peel because you’re not going to be in the sun as much and to kind of remove that residual sun damage that you may have gotten on that trip to Mykonos or wherever you went,” Joshua explained.

Aside from just working on the Housewives, Joshua has some exciting plans of his own. After getting married recently, he shared that his priorities have shifted. “I have so many people from seeing the show and from reading the story that are reaching out with skincare concerns and questions about products and what’s right for their skin, and unfortunately, there’s just not enough time in the day to be able to respond to all of that. So, I’m working on a book and it’s going be secrets of the celebrities and Real Housewives. All of the little tips and tricks that you can do in your own home and in your own routine. There will be a lot of great information about different devices in the marketplace. That’s another big question that I get, ‘What’s the difference between cool sculpting and Venas Legacy?’ So, really going through and kind of putting all those devices and treatments that are out on the marketplace in a very easy to digest way with some great frequently asked questions like, ‘How much should this cost? Who should be performing this treatment? How many treatments should I be getting?’ Those are the questions that I consistently get all the time, so I want to have that information in one place where everyone can access it,” he revealed.

“We’re also launching our flagship location in Brentwood slated for the end of 2019 and it’s a state-of-the-art office. One of the most exciting things is the Cool Tone, which is a new device from the makers of cool sculpting, botox, Allergan and Juvederm. It’s a muscle contracting device that builds muscle and burns fat. One treatment is the equivalent of 10,000 sit-ups or 10,000 squats,” Joshua explained.

— Reporting by Emily Marcus

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