Bebe Rexha Reveals Saying Nice Things To Herself Made Her The Most Confident Person She Could Be

Bebe Rexha is one of the most confident celebs in Hollywood, which she proves through her makeup, style & attitude & she revealed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, what makes her so self-assured.

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If there’s one celebrity that shows her individuality through makeup and style, it is without a doubt, Bebe Rexha, 29. The singer spoke to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, at the launch of her new collection, Wicked Neons, with nail polish brand, SinfulColors. Not only did Bebe look gorgeous at the event in a black bodycon midi dress with an open-back and neon details, but she also shared all of her favorite beauty trends and what made her able to be so confident in her own skin. While Bebe may seem confident all the time, she revealed that she wasn’t always comfortable in her skin and it took her some time. “I think it’s a journey,” Bebe admitted. I think it’s about going through a phase. You don’t just wake up and think, ‘I’m a bad b**ch.’ For me, it was a journey, and there was a point where I just really didn’t like myself and I would say mean things to myself. I think self-love is a constant task. You have to learn how to say nice things to yourself and I feel like we always say nice things to other people but we never really say nice things to ourselves. So that was something that I had to work on and it was being at a low and just kind of switching it on,” Bebe shared.

As for the one piece of advice she would give to others who aren’t confident in themselves, Bebe said, “If they see their favorite celebrities or anybody that they look up to, they should know that they’re probably just as insecure sometimes and they have their moments. Sometimes the media will portray it as if everybody’s all happy and feeling good all the time, because you’re on Instagram and social media and everyone’s posting their amazing times, and their best days, but that’s not always the real side. There are days that I wake up and I’m like, ‘I feel bloated and not the greatest,’ but I have to force myself to go out and do my thing.”

Bebe always has the coolest makeup on and is constantly experimenting with colors and textures. She shared the inspiration behind all of her beauty looks, saying, “I like to go back in time. I love Debbie Harry, I love a lot of the colors she did. She used to do pops of colors and liners and the blue eyeshadow with the red lips. I like to look back at Marilyn Monroe and Madonna and I like to take a lot of artists and celebrities from back in the day.” Plus, Bebe shared she has a mood board where she puts all of her ideas together. “I have a Pinterest where I save stuff or screenshot things,” she shared. “It’s really important to me. I’ll put them in a folder because sometimes I’ll forget and if I ever see anything that really inspires me, I’ll screenshot it. Or, sometimes we’ll see a color and my makeup artist will be like, ‘look at this new color that I bought, do you want to do something cool?’ And that’s how it will work out,” Bebe concluded.

Bebe Rexha
Bebe Rexha spoke to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about how saying nice things to herself has made her become more confident, while at a SinfulColors nail polish event. (SinfulColors)

Bebe’s new collection with SinfulColors is a reflection of the star’s personality. Included in the Wicked Neons collection, which Bebe said she had a blast putting together, are a ton of neons and bright, bold colors, which are available at Walmart and with the polishes being $1.99 and the press-on CLAWS being $5.99. “I love nails and nail polish,” she revealed. “Ever since I was a little girl I used to save up and go to the store and buy press-ons and I thought it was so much fun because I loved glitter and doing my own nails – I wasn’t really that good at it but it was a way of expressing myself creatively and I love being creative, so that’s why I decided to team up with the brand. Plus, they actually wanted to collaborate with me. It wasn’t just like, ‘here are the colors.’ I got to create my own shades, which is super important to me.”

As for some of her favorite nail trends, “I go through phases,” Bebe admitted. “I’m usually more like a rock and roll glamour type girl, but then if I want to go rave and for Halloween I don’t mind doing fun things. It depends on my mood. I love all the clip-ons and stuff but it gets stuck on everything so I keep it super simple.”

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