BTS’ J-Hope Goes Shirtless Under Half Unbuttoned Jacket & Fans Freak

BTS' Hoseok just casually went shirtless at the airport like it wasn't rocking ARMYs' worlds, and the pics and video of the magical moment are way too good.

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Does anyone else feel a little faint? BTS member J-Hope (aka Jung Hoseok) blessed the timeline when he rolled up to Incheon International Airport in Seoul, South Korea on August 23 looking like a snacc in a denim jacket — and not much else. The singer went shirtless underneath his star-covered jacket, which was only held together by one button. He completed the look with a 90s-style bucket hat, athletic shorts, and sandals. It’s far too early in the United States right now to witness this, but you could also see the waistband of Hoseok’s boxers, as well as his abs and pecs.

Obviously, we’re fans of this outfit, and other ARMYs totally agree. They flocked to Twitter to excitedly rave about what Hoseok was just casually wearing to the airport. “Hoseok on Twitter: now imma act like i wasn’t the cause of stan twt meltdown 4 hours ago,” an ARMY joked, with another teasing Hoseok with, “the way he’s all over the timeline doing THAT but then posts as if it was nothing, are we a joke for you jung hoseok?” So funny! Another legendary tweet: “we are on HOSEOK LOCKDOWN if it isn’t about hoseok, his beautiful face, his airport outfit, or his cute little nail designs, then i don’t fucking care. even jin out here commenting on hoseok pics on weverse. we. are. on. lockdown.” You can see a video of Hoseok at the airport below, and see clear pics of the moment HERE.

Others pointed out that he posted photos of his dog, Mickey, at the same time the pics of him at the airport surfaced — as if that would work at distracting anyone! ‘this SENDS HOSEOK GOING “look at my cute dog uwu’ AS IF THE TL IS NOT GOING DOWN IN FLAMES BC OF HIM SNDKDJDKD”.

Hoseok is making the most of his time while BTS takes an extended break, following six non-stop years of work and touring. He was in Los Angeles without the other guys, and there’s a theory that he was working on new music with Becky G! Just hours after Hoseok landed in the United States on August 20, Becky posted a video to her Instagram story that showed off tons of delicious Korean snacks. A gift from a new collaborator? Fingers crossed!

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