‘The Bachelorette’ Recap: Hannah Sends [SPOILER] Home & Goes On Her Final 2 Dates

A fan-favorite is sent home during part one of 'The Bachelorette' finale, and Hannah is left torn as her time winds down with her final two guys.

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The July 29 episode of The Bachelorette begins with the final three rose ceremony after Luke Parker’s elimination. Hannah Brown has to choose who to send home between Peter Weber, Jed Wyatt and Tyler Cameron. She gives her first rose to Jed, and the second to Tyler, which means Peter is eliminated. Obviously, he’s devastated, and Hannah is in tears as she pins the final rose on Tyler’s chest. “Everything in our relationship has been perfect and it has been so easy,” she tells him. “You’re like…the dream guy. I’ve said this every time…when I was little and playing with my dolls….I had my Ken doll, and I feel like you were that. It’s just like…[there’s] nothing wrong.”

She also assures him that she had an “amazing” time in the fantasy suite, and Peter holds his head high as he listens to Hannah’s words. “You will truly always have a piece of my heart,” he tells her. “I truly mean that. This sucks right now and this hurts, but I don’t regret anything about it. I truly don’t.” They both sob as they finally part ways. Before we get to see how the journey ends for Hannah, though, she and Peter join Chris Harrison for a live interview.

Peter is in the hot seat first, and he’s definitely affected by watching the footage back for the first time. “It definitely wasn’t easy to watch back,” he says. “I really fell for her and had no doubt it was going to be us in the end.” His parents are there, too, and his mom is brought to tears while revealing how devastated she is for her son. Peter reveals that he fell in love with Hannah during their one-on-one date in Latvia, and admits he’s ready to see her face-to-face and finally get some closure.

Hannah tells Peter that he did nothing wrong in their relationship, and admits that if there was anything she had to pinpoint that kept her from picking him, it was simply that she didn’t know how he felt for her sooner. She also explains that she was falling in love for Peter, but she was also falling in love with two other guys. Peter says he completely understands, and their reunion is super amicable.

Now, it’s time for Hannah to introduce Tyler and Jed to her parents. Tyler is up first, and Hannah’s family takes to him IMMEDIATELY. He assures her mom that he will never hide anything from Hannah, and will “stick it out” with her through everything. “I really do love your daughter,” he says. “I can say that and be 100 percent behind it. I want her to be my wife.” Hannah’s dad asks Tyler about the fantasy suite, and Tyler explains that he has “so much respect” for Hannah, which is why he was fine with not having sex with her. Both Hannah’s mom and dad are blown away by his answers.

At the end of the day, Hannah is more certain about her relationship with Tyler than ever. “I can totally see Tyler being part of my family,” she admits. She also pulls him aside for a serious conversation, during which she tells him she’s falling in love with him for the first time. “I’ve been very excited to tell you that,” she reveals.

Now, it’s Jed’s turn. Hannah’s parents admit they want to give Jed a “fair shot,” but know it will be hard after how well things went with Tyler. Both Hannah’s mom and dad confront Jed about his career as a musician and how he plans to provide for his family financially with such an uncertain future. It’s pretty uncomfortable, and Jed says he’s “confused” in a confessional. “I was praying that they would see how we are and see how comfortable and natural it is and real,” he explains. “But it seems they were mainly concerned with the financial aspect of our relationship.”

Hannah’s mom admits to her that she’s worried about Jed’s lifestyle, and Hannah quickly becomes upset and anxious. “I appreciate my parents opinion and concern and their love and support for me,” she says. “But this isn’t about anybody else but me and what I feel in my heart. Now, I’m freaking out.”

Hannah confronts Jed with her parents’ concerns. “With Tyler, yesterday went really, really well,” she tells Jed. “He was just very straightforward about how he felt about me and everything and I think I am not confused. F*** me. This is why you don’t date two people at the same time! I just want to make sure I’m seeing a clear vision of everything.” He assures her that he “knows what [they] have together,” which is all that matters to him. However, Hannah is clearly nervous about what’s next.

Luckily, she gets a chance for more one-on-one time with both guys. She and Tyler enjoy another horseback riding date. They discuss how well thing went with her family, and Hannah admits that she can “definitely see a future” with Tyler. Later that night, they discuss their plans for the future and even talk about having kids one day. By the end of the night, Hannah is picturing a life with Tyler. “I could see being in his arms forever,” she admits.

Jed gets his last date next. They have a romantic day on the water, but they get a taste of reality when she gets seasick. Of course, they also have a lot to discuss. Jed admits he’s more nervous than he’s been all season, and tells Hannah he’s bothered by how her dad reacted to his career. However, he also lets her know that it hasn’t changed the way he feels about their relationship. Hannah is still conflicted, though, and needs to get more clarity from Jed during the nighttime portion of their date.

“I just wish you know that whatever life throws at us, no matter what, I’m going to step up to the plate and do everything I can for you and love you,” Jed says. “I want, more than anything, to take care of you. I want to be there through thick and thin. I feel like with you…I can do anything. I feel like forever with you…I’ve never had it make sense with anyone. I’ve never even considered it.”

He assures her that he would have loved her no matter where or when they met, and by the end of the evening, Hannah admits that she still doesn’t have the clarity that she needs. We’ll find out what happens when part two of the finale airs on July 30 at 8:00 p.m. on ABC!

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