Jake Paul Gets Into A Fight Mere Seconds After Marrying Tana Mongeau — Watch As All Hell Breaks Loose

It wouldn’t be a Jake Paul wedding without some drama. Right as he was about to kiss his new bride, Tana Mongeau, the YouTube star got into a fistfight after a random guy threw a drink!

While some have called Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau’s wedding fake, the fists that were flying immediately after they tied the knot in Vegas certainly looked real. Literally, right after Jake, 22, and Tana, 21, were declared husband and wife (but right before they could seal the deal with a kiss) on July 28, an unknown man in a red shirt supposedly threw a glass of champagne at Jake. The YouTube star was visibly upset at the interruption, and the officiant, Team 10 member Arman Izadi, charged the wedding crasher. As the alleged champagne chucker was being dragged out, another guest threw a few fists, giving the man in red an unconventional wedding memento: a concussion!

“Someone just threw a glass of champagne at jake and I at the f**king altar holy f**k HAAHAHAHAHAHA,” Tana tweeted afterward, showing that she had a sense of humor of having it “rain on her wedding day” (sorta.)“Jana don’t need no press. Wow. just married. honestly made it better…. to slow dance while they scream. i love you @jakepaul.” Jake only had one response to the whole affair: “wtf.” Logan Paul even weighed in on the fight, telling HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that he couldn’t jump in because he was “hurt” from the prior day’s Challenger Games.

After the wedding, cooler heads prevailed in the 108-degree heat, Jake and Tana finally got a chance to kiss. Jake was also given a moment to fully take in his new wife. “Look at her go,” he said EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife while admiring Tana. When asked how he was going to recover from the wedding brawl, Jake told us he was going to use “shots and [air conditioning].” Good plan. Considering the temperature in Las Vegas, no wonder Jake was feeling the heat (though, it appears the one thing he wasn’t sweating was the dude crashing his wedding.)


When asked about the job that Arman did officiating the wedding, Jake told HollywoodLife that he thought his friend did a “10 out of 10.” Jake praised Arman  and said that “the moments he reference(d), that was the dope part.” Perhaps the dopest part – and the reason why Jake couldn’t keep his eyes off of her – was Tana’s dress. The YouTube star walked down the aisle wearing a tight strapless white bodice with lace detailing. While Jake looked dapper in a white tuxedo, the spotlight belonged to Tana and Tana alone. No one – not even a hater throwing champagne – was going to ruin her big day. Congratulations to the couple!

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