Jennifer Lopez Twerks On Alex Rodriguez During Epic Birthday Celebration – Watch

Alex Rodriguez got the best birthday present that money couldn't buy from fiancée Jennifer Lopez. She twerked on him in a sexy dance during his blowout bash.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez
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Alex Rodriguez was one lucky birthday boy on July 27. Fiancée Jennifer Lopez threw him the mother of all birthday parties in Coral Gables, FL outside Miami in honor of the former New York Yankees slugger turning 44. In a video he posted to his Instagram, Alex is seen wearing a black shirt  in a room filled with pals. He grabs a microphone and says “JLo, you don’t know nothing about this Miami sh*t right here” and he couldn’t be more wrong, as she looked on in shock smiling and the room lit up with whoops over the challenge.

Then the video cut to Jennifer, 50, twerking up against her hunky man. She kept it casual for the party, wearing a pair of Daisy Dukes that showed off her incredible legs and a white cropped  t-shirt. The crowd chanted “Go JLo, Go JLo” as Alex raised his arms up in the air to keep the crowd fired up as she continued to twerk.

Later on in the video, Jen’s song “Dance Again” was being played over the loudspeaker and she got everyone hopping by dancing along to it.  She bounced up and down with the music and the guests were joining along with her incredible energy. The video ended with Alex leading everyone in a sing along of Neil Diamond‘s “Sweet Caroline” which was being played.

Alex captioned the video “Thank you all for the kind and warm birthday wishes today. I am so incredibly fortunate and grateful for where I am in my life. I thank the good Lord for my blessings, today and every day. It’s important for everyone to take a minute and celebrate yourself, and not just on your birthday. We all make mistakes in our lives. Keep getting up. Keep pushing forward. Never give up. Miracles DO happen. I think about that every day. Thank you all and have an amazing day!”

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