Ireland Baldwin: Why She Uses Social Media To Help Others — ‘Why Not Make It Cool To Be Yourself?’

Ireland Baldwin opened up to HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview about why she uses her platform to help others find self-acceptance.

Ireland Baldwin
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Image Credit: Lexie Moreland/WWD/Shutterstock

Ireland Baldwin is never afraid to show some skin (just check out her latest IG pic!) and with her body-positive attitude and mission to help others, she’s using her celebrity to help her followers in more ways than one. “I think if you have a following of any kind or if you have a voice of any kind, it’s important to use it for good and for bettering the world in whatever way that you can,” she explained in an EXCLUSIVE interview with, while attending American Eagle’s Fall ’19 campaign launch. “Self-image is something I struggled with for such a huge chunk of my life, and now that I came out of that — we all have our battles everyday — but now that I really came out of that darkness, I see how much time I wasted, how much energy I wasted and that I could’ve been putting into doing good and loving myself and whatnot.”

Ireland continued, “If you have any sort of following, you should use it for something that’s going to help others. Make it not about you all the time, it’s just so unattractive and so backwards and so fake. You see people in person who do that shit all day, and then you’re just like, “Well, that’s completely not the same person that’s on the internet.’ If you have social media, use it to help. Young girls are the ones that spend the most time on social media, and look at what you do, and they want to be that. So why not make it cool to be yourself?”

The 23-year-old, who is signed to DT Model Management, was rocking American Eagle’s Curvy denim, and admitted she loved the brand’s inclusive and unfiltered mission. “I think it’s really cool to work with brands that ignite that fire and try to get everyone to be a part of this movement that a lot of are onboard with but some people, still in this country, aren’t,” Ireland explained. “I love to work with a brand that’s pushing that forward.”

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