Sailor Brinkley-Cook Admits Her Own ‘Body Issues’ Prompted Her Body-Positive Mission: I Had ‘Hatred For Myself’

Sailor Brinkley-Cook has created a body-positive space on social media, which she admitted to HL was prompted by her own 'body image issues.'

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Sailor Brinkley-Cook
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The next generation of models is going to change the world! Sailor Brinkley-Cook already is. The daughter of top model Christie Brinkley, Sailor, 21, has dedicated herself to sending body-positive and self-loving messages to her followers, while also aligning herself with brands which enjoy spreading that same mission. It was Sailor’s own struggle with self-acceptance and body image issues that inspired her to follow this path. “I grew up with a lot of hatred for myself. I’m pretty candid about that. I had a lot, and I still do have a lot of issues with my body. I have a lot of issues with myself and my confidence. It’s just a natural thing for me and it’s ingrained in me, and I wish it wasn’t,” she admitted in an EXCLUSIVE interview with at the Lil Wayne and American Eagle collaboration celebration. “I think that coming together as a community and saying, ‘Hey, your body type is beautiful, so is yours, so is yours, so is yours, so is yours,’ is so important because that’s what prompts people to be like, ‘Yes, my body is beautiful.'”

The model and photographer continued, “Growing up just being crowded by commercials and magazines and ads on billboards, you just saw these girls with like no pores, no cellulite, in bras and underwear, and you just are like, ‘Why don’t I look like that? Is something wrong with me?” Sailor explained that she loves working with brands like American Eagle and Aerie, that dedicate themselves to portraying varied body types in un-retouched campaigns. “Being able to look to a brand whose campaigns are real and unfiltered is so much nicer,” she said. “I’m excited to bring my kids into this world knowing that they’ll be able to look at realistic beauty standards.”

Sailor Brinkley-Cook enjoys the skateboard rink at the launch of AE x YoungMoney, Courtesy of American Eagle

Sailor was modeling American Eagle’s #AEJeans Innovation Curvy jeans, that are a perfect demonstration of flexible, comfortable and cute denim! “I have a booty and I have thighs, but the second I put these on they were so comfortable and breathable and especially since it’s summer right now and it’s so hot. The fact that these aren’t sticking to my body is incredible!” Sailor laughed while rocking a cute striped tube top paired with the AE NE(X)T Level Curvy Highest Waist Flare Jeans in black.