Get Your Best Bikini Body: Jillian Michaels’ Diet & Workout Tips & Dos & Don’ts

With summer in full swing, it's time to seriously crack down & luckily, Jillian Michaels, shared her dos & don'ts on working out & dieting to get your best bikini body yet!

Get Your Best Bikini Body
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Even though summer is already here, it’s not too late to get in the best shape ever, and celebrity trainer, Jillian Michaels, 45, shared with HollywoodLife, EXCLUSIVELY, all of her dos and don’ts when it comes to diet and exercise. When it comes to working out and dieting, there are so many myths out there that will promise you a great body, but don’t actually work. The one myth Jillian wants to debunk, “There are soooo many! I guess the top one would be understanding that weight loss is ultimately calories in vs calories out. The quality of food matters for overall health, but to burn stored fat, you must have a daily calorie deficit. Burn more calories than you are eating in a day.”

As for Jillian’s top tips to get in bikini shape this summer, she shared, “You have to be working out and watching what your eating to get results, or they can cancel each other out. For example, you train really hard but you don’t count your calories and you end up eating what you burned in the gym, leaving you in neutral. Conversely, you’re eating really well, but you’re not working out which means you’re not creating enough of a calorie deficit to burn through stored fat so your weight loss will be glacial, leaving you feeling discouraged. Both are required to get quick, effective, lasting results.” For those of you who are moms and want to get more exercise into your routine, Jillian shared her tips, saying, “Play! Shoot hoops with them. Jump at a trampoline park. Have a dance party. The idea is to make ‘fitness’ about fun. Period. And this keeps them fit, healthy and active in a way they can maintain, even as an adult. Skiing, hiking, kayaking etc., activities that keep you fit that you enjoy.”

The one rule Jillian sticks by, is that fad dieting never works. “Even if they get results in the moment, the kick back effect is severe,” Jillian explains regarding quick fix diets. “This is what creates yo-yo dieting. The diets aren’t sustainable so people can’t stick with them, and even if they could, most are unhealthy and dangerous in the long term. It’s never a good idea to cut your calories too dramatically with things like the HCG diet or cut out macro nutrients with things like the Keto diet,” Jillian admitted.

Get Your Best Bikini Body
Celebrity trainer, Jillian Michaels, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, her top diet & workout tips on how to get the best bikini body ever. (James Law)
Get Your Best Bikini Body
One of Jillian’s top tips to get in bikini shape this summer, she shared, “You have to be working out and watching what your eating to get results, or they can cancel each other out.” (Shutterstock)

Jillian is currently promoting her #StepWithJillian challenge, which entails walking 100 miles to get in shape while raising money and awareness for refugees in her role as a Supporter of UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. “Fitness is transcendent,” Jillian said about her new challenge. “When we feel strong physically, we feel stronger in all facets of our lives. Plus, it gives us a sense of purpose, especially when we engage in fitness and fundraising. I just created a ‘100 mile challenge’ to raise funds and awareness for the UNHCR. The goal is to cover 100 miles over the course of July and get friends to sponsor your journey! So, if you’re looking for some feel good motivation to get in shape while helping people, check it out here.” Jillian is so dedicated to working out, she even has her own My Fitness app, and she admitted that 84 years old is when she’ll stop. “At 84 I am going to let it all go. It’s gonna be a Taco Bell party,” she joked.

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