Gwen Stefani: Why She Won’t Propose To Blake Shelton Despite What He Said On ‘Ellen’

Ellen DeGeneres tried to pressure Gwen Stefani into popping the big question to Blake Shelton with a giant clock, but it didn't work. That doesn't mean Gwen's turned off from the idea of an engagement altogether!

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“What You Waiting For?” — that’s the name of Gwen Stefani’s hit song, but she won’t be asking herself that question. The 49-year-old pop star isn’t jumping the gun on proposing to her boyfriend of nearly four years, Blake Shelton, 42, even if he took a giant clock home that bore their faces after the May 1 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “As far as her proposing to Blake, like he said on Ellen, that is not going to happen,” a source close to the “Hollaback Girl” singer EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. “When they do get engaged it will Blake doing the asking, Gwen is traditional that way.” Sorry, Blake — you can still use the clock to stay punctual for future dates, though.

Ellen assured Blake that the clock’s symbolism — you know, “time is passing” and so forth — would make Gwen drop on one knee. “So now that she knows that you’re waiting for her to ask, now that she sees this, she’ll ask you. I’ll call her,” Ellen joked to Blake, who was receptive to the idea. But no one took the segment too seriously, even after Ellen straight-up asked the country superstar if he’d marry Gwen (but was cut off by a jump scare from Julie Bowen). “Gwen thought Ellen’s prank on Blake was hilarious, she got a huge laugh out of it. And same with the clock, she thinks it’s hysterical,” our source explains. Gwen could laugh because she didn’t take Ellen’s question or joke too seriously, even if they were personal.

“She and Blake both love Ellen, she’s one of their favorites and they know how to take a joke so they’re not at all offended. They both thought it was very funny,” our source continues. However, a similar gargantuan clock didn’t turn out to just be a gag when Ellen gifted it to Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod proposed just weeks later in March 2019. Gwen wouldn’t mind that outcome! “If it does have the same result it had for JLO, if Blake proposes, then Gwen will say yes and be very happy,” our source reveals.

Blake Shelton Ellen
Ellen DeGeneres surprised Blake Shelton with a “pre-engagement gift.” Courtesy of EllenTube

Gwen’s not anticipating an engagement ring in the near future, however. “She’s not sweating it at all, she’s fully secure in knowing it will all happen in the right time,” our source clarifies. Who needs the official “Mr. and Mrs.” titles anyways when Blake and Gwen already looked married, especially with Gwen’s three sons in tow, at the UglyDolls film premiere in Los Angeles on April 27?