‘The Challenge’: Cara Reveals Hunter’s Unexpected Hookup That Never Aired On ‘War Of The Worlds’

With so many players and so little time, not everything makes the final edit on 'The Challenge' -- but Cara Maria revealed who Hunter was getting cozy with this season after the Feb. 27 episode!

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Four players were sent home during a double elimination on the the Feb. 27 episode of The Challenge: War of the Worlds, and one of them had a lot more going on in the Challenge house than we saw! We didn’t see much of Julia Nolan throughout her short time on the show, but it turns out…she totally hooked up with one of the veteran players, Hunter Barfield! This juicy bit of tea was spilled by Cara Maria Sorbello on Twitter, after Julia, CT Tamburello, Natalie Negrotti and JP Andrade were sent home by Kyle Shore and Mattie Breaux.

“WHAT HAPPENED?” Cara wrote. “We lost Ct, never got to see glitter gate (@NataliaNegrotti), and we never got to see the ol hunny bee and his new lady rolling in the sheets! #unseenhookups.” She tagged Julia and Hunter in the message, and Julia responded, “OOOP,” with the glancing eyes emoji. Fans totally did not expect this bit of gossip, and many begged for the hookup to be shown during the season’s reunion or S*** They Should’ve Shown special. We’ll have to wait and see if that actually happens, though!

Of course, last night’s episode was still jam-packed with plenty of drama! CT was pissed that his name was mentioned for elimination. First, Tribunal member, Nany Carmen called him out while making him her pick for elimination, but he was able to avoid getting voted in when the majority of the Tribunal voted for Kyle and Mattie instead. However, when Kyle/Mattie chose Natalie/JP as their opponents, the latter team decided to call out longtime vet CT, along with Julia, as the third team, and CT totally exploded on them before and after the challenge!

Meanwhile, Cara was also the center of some major drama. Her love triangle with her ex, Kyle, and current boyfriend, Paulie Calafiore, has been front and center all season, and the guys finally came to blows after a confrontation in the Tribunal. Things nearly got physical between the two, and during their fight, Kyle even called Cara a “sl**,” which got her riled up, too. This season is already off to an explosive start — and things will probably only get crazir!

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