‘The Challenge’ Recap: Another Legend Is Sent Home In Shocking Double Elimination

One week after Johnny Bananas was shockingly eliminated on 'The Challenge,' another fan-favorite veteran was taken out during the Feb. 27 episode. Here's what went down.

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This week’s episode of The Challenge: War of the Worlds picks up after Zach and Zahida’s elimination win. Jenna lets Zach know that Kyle was cheering on Johnny Bananas in the elimination instead of him, which worries Zach a little bit, since Kyle is his closest male ally left in the game. Kyle insists she was cheering for both guys, and assures Zach that anything said differently was just spread by his ex, Cara Maria. Later in the episode, Cara overhears Kyle and Zach discussing how she’s “still in love” with Kyle, which, obviously, pisses her off — and even prompts her to approach her current boyfriend, Paulie, and tell him she loves him for the very first time.

The weekly challenge will force the competitors to tackle heights for the first time this season. One member of each pair will have to stand atop a pendulum dangling in the air, and get it to swing toward their other partner, who must jump onto it from a platform. That partner must then jump off the pendulum to ring a bell suspended in mid-air, and the three teams to do so the fastest, will make up the Tribunal. This week, that’s Paulie and NatalieNany and Turbo and Hunter and Georgia. Oh and there’s a twist this week — there’s going to be a DOUBLE elimination.

As always, the Tribunal is tasked with choosing three teams to nominate for elimination. It’s absolutely no surprise when Paulie/Natalie go with his nemesis Kyle, who’s partnered with Mattie. Meanwhile, Hunter targets his friend Amanda, since her partner, Josh, voted him into elimination earlier in the game, and Nany and Turbo decide to vote for CT/Julia, since they both have different friends in the game, but neither are allied with these two players.

The three nominated teams have a chance to state their case as to why they should stay, and things get heated between Kyle and Paulie. Amanda and Hunter also go at it in an explosive back and forth, and both Kyle and Amanda storm out of the discussion room. At the Killing Floor, Paulie/Natalie and Hunter/Georgia keep their votes for Kyle/Mattie and Amanda/Josh, respectively. Nany also sticks to her CT/Julia pick, but Turbo, who is last to vote, is not willing to find out what might happen if they end up in a tie, so he picks Kyle/Mattie, sending them into elimination.

Now, Kyle/Mattie get to choose their opponent, but he can’t pick his nemesis, Paulie, since the members of the Tribunal, along with last week’s elimination winners (Zach/Zahida) are safe. He also decides not to choose Paulie’s closest ally, Cara, since he does “still care about her.” So, he goes for Paulie’s next best friend, Natalie N (partnered with JP), instead. Since it’s a double elimination, though, Natalie/JP get to decide the final team, and they shock EVERYONE by picking CT and Julia.

The elimination challenge is played in guy/girl heats. All three players start holding onto two rings, and must fight each other to get both rings in their possession. Whichever girl and guy win get to stay, even if they are from different teams (if that’s the case, a new pair will be formed). However, Mattie wins for the girls and Kyle wins for the guys, which sends a pissed off CT home, along with JP, Natalie and Julia.

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