‘The Challenge’: Bananas & Cara Go At It On Twitter & Fans Fear The Friendship Is Over

After years of feuding, Johnny Bananas and Cara became buddies on the last few seasons of 'The Challenge' -- but their latest back and forth on Twitter has fans worrying that may no longer be the case!

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It looks like a feud has erupted between The Challenge stars, Johnny Bananas and Cara Maria Sorbello! The pair ended their years of feuding on The Challenge: Invasion, and were close allies on Vendettas and Final Reckoning, but they had some nasty things to say about one another on Twitter Dec. 14. It all started when Cara tweeted a video of herself getting a pedicure, and Johnny fired back, “Spa lady is definitely having nightmares about those Hobit feet tonight!” Since Johnny has been poking fun at Cara about her feet for years, fans initially thought this was just a friendly joke…but Cara’s response said otherwise.

“Johnny the feet jokes are getting old and about as weak as your elimination record,” she wrote. WHOA! Even at this point, not everyone was convinced there was a legitimate fight erupting, but the competitors took it to the next level after that. “Ooh, that comeback is about as dirty as your choice in men,” Johnny responded, adding Kyle Shore’s Twitter handle (Kyle and Cara hooked up on Vendettas, then had a major falling out). Cara clearly didn’t take too kindly to this, and she continued the argument, writing back, “You bringing up old trash is almost as dirty as your recent hook ups leaving you for TYB. At least I upgraded.”

In case you haven’t been following all The Challenge drama — Johnny hooked up with Angela Babicz on Final Reckoning, and now, Angela is dating Nelson Thomas. Nelson is a member of “the Young Bucks” alliance on The Challenge, who made it their mission to get Johnny out of the game on Final Reckoning.

“Says the girl who was traded in for a Lavender Loser,” Johnny said in response to Cara’s tweet. He, of course, is referring to Kyle’s hookup with Ashley Mitchell, a member of the “Lavender Ladies” alliance. The “Lavender Ladies” worked with “TYB” on Final Reckoning, and Cara and Johnny were their number one enemies. The Twitter feud didn’t end there, though, as Cara wrote back, “I would tell you to go f*** yourself but I’m pretty sure you would be disappointed.” WHOA!



That’s where the drama ended, but Cara did get some support from her boyfriendPaulie Calafiore. Paulie responded to Johnny’s tweet about Kyle and Ashley and wrote, “Says the guy who let that POS run games on his so called Challenge sister like that and never put him in his place even after he backstabbed you the season before as a rookie.”

Hmm…it’s pretty unclear where all this drama is stemming from. However, it’s been highly speculated that a new season of The Challenge just finished filming, and many fans are wondering if something went down between Johnny and Cara on the show. Interestingly, she also recently called out another Final Reckoning ally, Zach Nichols, on Twitter. Could Zach and Johnny team up on Cara in some way on the rumored next season of the show!? Looks like we’ll have to wait and see!

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