VS Model Devon Windsor Reveals Her 7 Diet & Workout Routine Leading Up To Fashion Show

Do you want to know what it's like for a model getting ready to walk in the biggest fashion show in the world!? Read Devon's exclusive diary and see pics of her journey below!

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Image Credit: Devon Windsor/Victoria's Secret

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs on Dec. 2 and the models have been training for months to look picture perfect on the runway. Devon Windsor kept an EXCLUSIVE diary (and photo diary) just for HollywoodLife.com of the intense 7 days leading up to the show’s taping, which was November 8. Read her journey below!

Devon: “October 31 — Today I am headed to a ballet-inspired workout class as it’s been a while since I have seen my friend, and professional ballerina, Mary Helen Bowers! I always end up coming back to her every year before the Victoria’s Secret show because her workouts really shed that hard-to-get cellulite on the backs and sides of my thighs and booty. We do a combination of booty kicks and leg raises mixed with some ballet movements like plies. I have never felt a burn like that in my life! Today I’m feeling very tight and sore, so I do a cryotherapy session after my workout which is really amazing for muscle tightness, soreness, and recovery. Since I’ve been traveling a lot recently, my skin has been flaring up. After my shower I make sure to layer on the Joanna Vargas rejuvenating serum as well as Dr. Barbara Sturm’s famous blood cream! Dr. Sturm takes your blood and separates the plasma from it and mixes it in a cream form to put on your face, it’s amazing!

November 1 — This morning at 9:30am I am heading to a Megan Roup workout! I am so terrible at cardio but this class is amazing because it’s dance cardio… which means I really don’t notice how exhausted I am while jumping around! She mixes the dance cardio with light weights, leg weights and sliders which are good for the booty as well as the abs! After the class I head over to this place called Lymbr to go get a quick 30 minute stretch. It is super important to stretch before and after workouts so that you don’t injure yourself!

November 2 — Today is going to be a two-a-day! This morning I start off with my trainer, Andy, at Perfomix house! We have been working on my core strength, lower body stability and power development. I have set a Victoria’s Secret show goal of box jumping 36 inches so this will help me reach that goal as well!! To do that, we do exercises that include isometric core work in a variety of positions. Single leg stability drills and both bi lateral and unilateral power jumps, as well as single leg jumps, vertical jumps and box jumps! After my training session I grab a quick lunch with a friend and then head to meet Shanina Shaik to film a media segment with one of our trainers, Megan Roup! We go over the basics and film a variety of moves with her.

November 3 — I have to work today and am finding it really hard to wake up and get a workout in before my call time, so I’ll get one in post-work! Today I do a private training session with my trainer, Stephen, and his workout method called Pvolve! I really love this workout because it is full of small, slow movements that burn like crazy! This is the best workout for building super long and lean muscle! We use a lot of ankle weights and bands which are two keys for staying strong and slim! After my workout I get a 90 minute medical massage! This massage isn’t just for relaxing because the masseuse gets very deep in your muscles and stretches you at the same time. It is almost a bit painful at times but when you’re working out so much it is a necessity!

November 4 — This morning I go in for a quick session at Performix House with my trainer Andy before my Victoria’s Secret show fitting! We continue to work on my box jumping and other core strengthening exercises and mix in some cardio. Afterwards I head into my fitting and am so excited to see my outfits! Following my fitting I squeeze in a super quick workout with Fit Life by Mo, this workout is amazing because it is only 20 minutes! Basically, it’s a machine that you get hooked up to that sends frequencies through your muscles that contract them. So while you’re doing your workout, your muscles are constantly being activated! It is so hard, but I love it because it is so short and quick!

November 6 –– It’s two days until the show so this will be my last intense workout as I don’t want my muscles to be flared up and irritated for show day! Today I am hitting one of my favorite gyms called Dogpound. I am training with my girlfriend and my trainer, Kirk! I love working out with friends because one, it’s more fun, two, it’s hard to get out of it, and three, it’s more motivating and pushes me to try harder! We did a bunch of body weight exercises, some abs, booty, legs and light arms. After my workout I head over to the infrared sauna which is amazing for sweating out all the water and toxins in your body! I follow my workout with a facial with Mimi Luzon, she is one of my absolute favorites and has amazing products! We do some high frequency for tightening and a super good mask, which gives you an amazing glow!! I also go get my hair freshly highlighted by Mauricio at Suite Caroline’s as I want to go super blonde for the show! He is the very best. This evening I have my spray tan for the show as well. I do it right before I go to bed so that I can wake up and immediately shower!

November 7 –– One more day until showtime!! I am so beyond excited for the show tomorrow! I have been working hard for the past 5 months to prepare and can’t wait to show off all my hard work! If you noticed, I do A LOT of different workouts because I like to mix it up. I think it keeps things fresh and more exciting and gives me a chance to work on different parts of my body in different ways. I think it gets too repetitive if I always do the same thing and I feel like I am only working on certain areas of my body! The day before the show I don’t like to do anything super intense so I opt for a hot yoga class! It lets me sweat out all my excess water weight, gives me a good stretch and puts me in a good mindset! Later in the day I get a lymphatic drainage massage which basically shrinks you down immediately. It is good for cellulite, bloating, skin tightening and immunity! I love this massage so much! After the massage I go to get a hydrating serum spray to give me that extra glow. To finish off my day we have the rehearsal for the show! We get to see the runway for the first time and run through each section in our wings and heels!”

Be sure to watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Sunday, December 2 at 10:00pm ET on ABC.