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How to Get a Long, Lean Body Like A VS Model — Martha Hunt Reveals Her Fave Workout

Working out with a Victoria's Secret model is a little intimidating, but that's exactly what I did, and before the intense class, I asked Martha Hunt all about her workout routine and her diet.

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Victorias Secret Model Workout
Image Credit: Getty Images/Victoria's Secret

September 18 wasn’t exactly a normal day for me as I headed to downtown Manhattan to take a Barre class with Victoria’s Secret model Martha Hunt! I got a sneak peek at the newest Victoria Sport activewear collection, including the super cute outfit Martha was wearing. “I am loving the matching prints right now — they have so many fun prints that just came out. I love this little key hole detail [in the bra]. This is a minimum support bra because we are doing Barre, a low impact exercise today, but Victoria’s Secret has a whole range of high support bras for high impact workouts and lower support ones for low impact workouts.”

The secret to those long, lean legs that every VS model seems to have? “I think that you can always tone your legs and for lengthening, I think that Barre helps with all of that. Barre, yoga, pilates — they help with toning and lengthening. Different exercises help build muscle with weights. I do a mix of both. I want to build muscle in my booty!”

For Martha, her diet is all about balance and not deprivation. “My daily diet is very diverse. I don’t discriminate with food. I love mixing it up. This morning, I had an açaí bowl. For lunch, I had a salad with lots of chicken and sweet potato, but for dinner last night I had a quesadilla! It’s all about balance. I love indulging in food and I don’t think it’s something that you should deprive yourself of if it’s something you really love. As long as you throw in your greens! There’s a perfect 80 / 20 ratio that I follow.

Getty Images/Victoria’s Secret

Andrea Rogers, founder of Xtend Barre, led our class, and Martha (even after working out multiple times that day) did every move like a champ! “I switch it up. I do mix in some cardio. One thing I have learned about my body, because I have scoliosis and I have rods in my back, is that I’m better off doing more low impact exercises for my body.”