Achieve Even Bronze Skin With the Best Spray Tan Solutions

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Whether you are running a successful sunless tan business or are looking to apply fake tan on yourself, a spray tan solution is an integral part of the job. We may go as far as to say that it is the most important one as well. Knowing what will work for you and your clients is a whole different ball game though. The reason behind this complexity is the various skin types and unique personal preferences. You have to decide what will work on your unique skin type, as well as on that of your client.

From different tan intensities and formulations to varying base colors, this buying guide tells you everything you need to know about purchasing a good solution. We also list the highest-rated spray tan solutions of 2022 to help narrow down your choice. Have a look!

Comparing the Highest-rated Spray Tan Solutions of 2022

Isle of Paradise Spray Tan Solution  —  Best Overall

If you don't want to be hassled with a compressor and spray gun, the Isle of Paradise Spray Tan Solution is the tanning product for you. The solution is of a water-like consistency, and you can spray it directly on your body with a light mist spray bottle. This particular product is medium in color, but you can also choose to purchase a darker or lighter shade. It is also a refill pouch that you can put in just about any spray bottle to use.

The formula of this solution is completely transparent. You can easily apply it in the shower without making a mess. Lastly, it is also transfer-proof so no smudging on your clothes. The easy application, natural formulation and lack of cleanup have earned it the top spot on our list.


  • Water-like consistency makes it easy to spray
  • The transparent formula doesn't stain anything
  • Vegan and cruelty-free formula


  • Lacks a color guide

Norvell Spray Tan Solution  —  Most Affordable

Our next pick is a professional yet affordable tan solution that too from the #1 brand. The Norvell Spray Tan Solution comes in a bottle of 34 ounces that you should use with a dedicated spray tan machine. With the rule of two ounces per application, this bottle will last you for up to 17 applications.

This spray tan solution is infused with high-quality DHA that doesn't leave your skin streaky or orange. It also boasts a fragrance and paraben-free formula with natural enzymes to hydrate your skin from within. Since it blends seamlessly with all skin tones, it also works well with all undertones.


  • Offers great value
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Boasts an anti-orange formula


  • The lid breaks off easily

Existing Beauty Spray Tan Solution  —  Most Fragrant

If you are worried about stinking after applying a spray tan solution, we have the right product for you. The Existing Beauty Spray Tan Solution boasts a deliciously scented formula that is rich in soothing traces of coconut. This is also a professional-grade product containing almost 34 ounces of solution inside the bottle. So if you plan to use it only on yourself, it will last you a long long time.

This solution is rich in moisturizing ingredients like Aloe Vera, coconut oil, Macadamia seed oil and vitamin E. It sprays on easily without leaving any streaks or blotches. Plus, the color guide helps you spot places that you may have missed.


  • Made of moisturizing ingredients
  • Color guide ensures proper application
  • Has a delicious coconut scent


  • Can arrive beaten up

SJOLIE SUNLESS Spray Tan Solution  —  Most Soothing Formula

Here is another affordable spray tanning formula that is gentle and soothing for your skin. The SJOLIE Spray Tan Solution is packaged as a 32-ounce bottle that is more than enough for multiple spray tanning sessions. It boasts an organic formulation that is free from parabens and fragrances. The plant-based ingredients are not only healthy for your skin, but they also make the product vegan-friendly.

The best thing about this solution is that it is infused with Aloe Vera. This amazing plant soothes your skin both before and after application. It also promotes DHA absorption so it continues to develop over days.


  • Boasts an organic formulation
  • Hydrates and nourishes your skin from within
  • Enriched with vitamins


  • Needs an HVLP spray system for application

MineTan Spray Tan Solution  —  Fastest Results

If you want salon-quality results in a short time, the MineTan Spray Tan Solution is a solid contender. It boasts a rapid-acting formula that develops in as little as an hour. This solution also comes as a bulky bottle, containing about 34 ounces of solution that you can use on multiple occasions.

We really like the solution for its quick-acting formulation. But that's not all to it. It contains vegan-friendly and 100% natural DHA. All of the other ingredients are also PETA approved so you can rest easy about their safety.


  • Made using safe and natural ingredients
  • Takes as little as one hour to develop
  • No fake tan smell


  • Reports of expired products delivered

Buying Guide: Spray Tan Solutions

How Do Spray Tan Solutions Work

Spray tan solutions are used with a spray tan machine. It is sprayed as a fine coat on your body. Once your skin is covered with this solution, it will start to develop over the next 24 hours.

The solution contains a skin tanning agent called Dihydroxyacetone or DHA. It is a natural product derived from sugar beet and hence is safe for skin coloring. It reacts with the proteins and amino acids on the surface of the skin. This reaction produces melanoidins which change your skin color so it appears darker and tanned.

Choosing the Right Spray Tan Solution

The market for spray tan solutions is quite huge, so it's not easy to find a suitable one for your skin. If you are new to tanning solution shopping, here is a guide to help you out:


The ingredients list is the first thing you should check in any spray tan solution. It helps you decide what product to get. For example, if you have very sensitive or dry skin, look for a product that lists Aloe Vera, almond extract or any other soothing plant or oil in its ingredients. On the contrary, people with oily skin should steer clear away from these as the added oils will take very long to dry on their skin.

It is always a good idea to invest in a natural or organic product. Even if you decide to go for synthetic, steer clear away from solutions with erythrulose, parabens or alcohol. Erythrulose is a non-FDA-approved ingredient that we believe does not have any significant impact on the solution's performance. Alcohol, on the other hand, makes your skin dry and itchy and sometimes also affects the end result. You should also prefer a paraben-free formulation because, despite its fungicidal and bactericidal properties, parabens are largely associated with breast cancer tumors.

Any sunless tan solution that does not mention its ingredients is not worth the risk.

Number of ingredients

You not only have to consider what's inside the solution, but you should also consider how much is there as well. Many sunless tanning solutions contain a lot of extra ingredients that don't contribute much to their actual performance. We believe that every extra ingredient added to the formula increases the risk of allergic reactions. Hence the fewer the ingredients, the better the spray tan solution will be.

Base color

Tanning solutions are available in different base colors. While all of these look amazing on all skin types, if you prefer your skin to look a certain way, make sure to get the right base color.

Violet-based products are more suited to medium to dark skin types. A reddish base looks amazing on people with an olive complexion or people with fair skin that tans naturally. If you have medium skin and want to channel dark Brazilian vibes, go for dark-ash bases. It looks gorgeous on dark-skinned people as well. A caramel base color is universal and looks great on all skin tones from fair to dark. It creates a perfectly sun-kissed tan that most people love. If you have fair skin with a pink undertone, try green-based tanning products as it corrects the pink for a gorgeous tanned look. Be very careful when using an orange-based solution as it can quickly make your fake tan appear, well fake. When unsure, perform a patch test first. If you like what you see, you can confidently go full body.


The intensity of the tan is another important consideration in your purchase. The key is to find the right DHA concentration that darkens your skin without appearing fake.

If you have light skin, choose a product with a lower concentration of DHA. And if you are naturally dark, go for a solution with a higher DHA concentration. A solution with 3% DHA content delivers the lightest tan while the one with 20% DHA gives you the darkest color.

Most experts recommend using products that are slightly darker than your original skin tone. This way, even if the initial result does not satisfy you, you can always apply another layer to make the tan more intense.


Always choose a tanning solution that smells pleasant both before and after application. Some products smell nice when you are spraying them. But once they start developing, they also start emitting an unpleasant smell. We recommend that you choose soothing scents like vanilla, cherry, chocolate or coconut.


From what we found out in our research, there are only a few actual manufacturers of spray tanning solutions. Others are merely resellers who label the product as their own. And if they happen to find a cheaper formulation, they won't hesitate to make the switch. So if you find that the color guide is completely different from the one you used last month, or if the solution feels runnier, know that there is something fishy going on.

The solution to this problem? Always buy from reputable manufacturers who operate with strict regulations and quality control. With them, you'll be sure to receive consistent and reliable products every single time.

How To Use a Spray Tan Solution

Here are some tips for easy spray tan solution application:

  • Always prep your skin before application. Exfoliate it to remove the dead skin. Use gentle circular motions for thorough peeling. Make sure that your skin is clean and well-dried.
  • If you want to remove hair, do so at least a day prior to spray tanning so your pores have time to shrink back.
  • Apply the solution evenly over all parts of your body. Be extra careful around the face, neck and hands. You can ask someone to help you apply it on your back.
  • Don't forget to apply it around your toenails.
  • Don't spray the product on open wounds or unhealed cuts.