Jeffree Star Slams Filipino YouTuber As ‘Pathetic’ For Stealing Phrase He Claims He Trademarked

Beauty blogger Michelle Dy is facing the wrath of Jeffree Star after starting a YouTube series that had the SAME name as his. Here's what went down.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Instagram

Jeffree Star is known for his epic disses and clap backs, and he was at it again after catching wind of a new YouTube series from Filipino YouTuber, Michelle Dy. Michelle created a channel called “MD Approved,” inspired by Jeffree’s well-known series, “Jeffree Star Approved.” However, Jeffree claims he trademarked the “Approved” title, and went off on Michelle for ‘stealing’ it. “You’re full of complete s***,” he wrote in the comments section of her page. “Stealing my “Approved” series and trademarked title is pathetic…but that’s what boring unoriginal people do. My lawyer will reach out to you shortly. “Jeffree Star Approved” is copyrighted in America.”

“Jeffree Star Approved” is actually not on the official list of registered trademarks in the United States, but that didn’t stop Jeffree from revealing his anger. In addition to the comment on Michelle’s page, he also posted an Instagram video referencing the situation, although he didn’t mention Michelle by name. “I know I didn’t invent the word “Approved,” but that’s been my thing for two years now, trademarked, on merch — don’t try me,” he ranted. “Sometimes I feel like people do that stuff on purpose — like, let me use Jeffree’s thing and then he’ll cause a stir about it and I’ll get more views and subscribers. B***…I’m not even gonna mention your name.”

Michelle was extremely apologetic after seeing that Jeffree had slammed her. “I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to Jeffree Star if in any way or another, I may have violated your rights from the use of your trademark,” she wrote. “Videos from my channel have been deleted already and rest-assured that it will not happen again. Again, I am sorry.”

Michelle also added that she “looks up” to Jeffree as a member of the YouTube community, and explained that she “clearly stated” in her video description that it was inspired by international YouTubers.

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