‘The Challenge: Vendettas’: Melissa Reveals Why She Hooked Up With Nicole Despite Having A BF

After her elimination from 'The Challenge: Vendettas,' Melissa tells us why she cheated on her BF with Nicole and where they stand now. Plus, her take on ALL that drama!

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Melissa Reeves came into The Challenge: Vendettas with a bang! The UK reality star was a rookie on season 31 of the MTV show, but she constantly found herself at the middle of the drama — especially right before her elimination. On the Jan. 30 episode, Kam blew up at Melissa, and it led to the ladies nearly getting physical after a night out. “It came out of nowhere, really,” Melissa told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “The previous day, I made a statement to say that…if anyone had anything to say about me…just say it to my face. And then, out of nowhere, Kam and I were cool, but she just then felt the need to tell me what everyone was saying [about me]. She felt she had to do that with an audience around her. She was making it out like she was trying to be real with me and trying to be a friend, but it was actually like she was trying to humiliate me and aggressively intimidate me in front of everyone else. She waited until she had a crowd.”

As we saw on the episode, other girls in the house, like Kailah and Jemmye, quickly jumped to Kam’s defense, and it quickly seemed like everyone was against Melissa. Melissa said she does have an idea about why Kam got so salty, though: “I was dancing with Leroy [that night] and I think that maybe annoyed her. It makes no sense, though, because that night she actually got in bed with Nelson!” All along there was one person who had Melissa’s back, though — Nicole Z, of course! Melissa and Nicole were flirty from the beginning of the season and hooked up on the show…even though Melissa had a boyfriend at home.

“Me and my boyfriend had an agreement that, as long as it was not a man, that it was fine,” Melissa explained. “So he was cool with all of that. But I got back and he was cheating on me anyway — so it’s one of those things that I don’t really care about. We had an agreement that it was okay.”

Now that the show’s over, Melissa said she and Nicole talk “almost every day,” and revealed that she’s planning to visit her in New York later this year. As for her relationship with Kayleigh, who she came into the house with a vendetta against….they’re actually “friendly” at the moment. However looking back, Melissa admitted to having some regrets about how much trust she put in Kayleigh on the show.

“I thought we were cool in the house and we agreed to be friendly, but it seemed like she was bitching about me a lot,” Melissa explained. “She was siding with other people quite a lot. It was a little hard for me to see how much she was not looking out for me. I didn’t say anything about her — I was just enjoying myself and having a good time. I don’t think she knew if she could trust me in the moment.”

So, how did being on The Challenge stack up to being on the UK’s Ex on the Beach? “It doesn’t compare,” Melissa raved. “The Challenge is unbelievable. It’s so much better. I would never do Ex on the Beach again. I would do The Challenge tomorrow. Even though there was drama, I really enoyed it. I’m very competitive and I like the drama and competitiveness. It was such an amazing experience.”

HollywoodLifers, do you want to see Melissa back on The Challenge?

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