‘The Challenge: Vendettas’ Recap: Melissa Makes A Whole Lot Of Enemies After A Blowout Fight

On the Jan. 30 episode of 'The Challenge: Vendettas,' Melissa solidifies herself as the most-hated member of the house before an intense elimination. Here's our recap!

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This week’s episode of The Challenge: Vendettas picks up where last week left off: Sylvia is pissed that Brad and Joss put her in the elimination, and now, the Troika, Tony, Zach and Marie, have to decide three female competitors to nominate for the Inquisition as her potential opponents. Before the vote, the Troika gets Sylvia’s opinion on who she wants to go against, and she lets them know that she’s comfortable with the Troika choosing one of the three potentials, as long as rookies Kayleigh and Melissa are the other two. Before the vote, Brad pulls Tony aside, and, despite their rocky past, asks if he can keep his love interest, Britni, out of the Inquisition. This will pose a problem, as pretty much everyone in the house wants to split up the Brad/Britni alliance.

After deliberating, the Troika chooses Kayleigh, Melissa and Britni for the Inquisition. Obviously, Britni is livid, but the veteran girls, Jemmye, Cara Maria and Veronica, explain that it’s simply her association with Brad that has her on the chopping block. At the Inquisition, Melissa tells the Troika that she shouldn’t go into elimination because she made the teams at the last challenge, and by putting Brad, Marie and Tony together, she helped them get a win. Meanwhile, Briti warns that she will likely beat Sylvia, and when she does and comes back into the game, she’ll have new vendettas against the Troika. She also promises the trio that, if they keep her out of elimination, she AND Brad will throw them a bone in the future.

Before we find out who’s going in, though, the cast has a fun night out, which leads to a drunken confrontation between Kam and Melissa. It’s unclear exactly how their fight starts, but it doesn’t take long for them to get in each other’s faces. The drama escalates when Melissa says Kam is “fatter” than her, and things almost turn physical.

At the elimination, the Troika unanimously chooses Melissa, the “easy” option, to go against Sylvia. In the Ring, the ladies have to fight for a ball in a pit full of oil. Melissa scores the first point, but when she starts playing dirty, it gives Sylvia the adrenaline she needs to come back and score three points in a row for the win, sending Melissa home.

With her win, Sylvia has the choice of three Grenades at the next challenge: Cash (take $10,000 from any competitor, except the Troika), Endure (choose any non-Troika member to complete an endurance task before then next challenge) or Order Up (choose the order for the next challenge). We’ll have to wait and see which one she chooses!

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