Serena Williams: Why She Refuses To Take Sides Between Kim Kardashian & Beyonce

Serena Williams loves competition, but when it comes to Kim Kardashian versus Beyonce, has EXCLUSIVELY learned that the tennis icon doesn’t want any ‘drama,’ so she’s sitting this one out.

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After Beyonce, 36, and Kim Kardashian, 37, and an awkward and “icy” run-in at Serena Williams wedding, the tennis legend would like to be excluded from Kim and Bey’s narrative. “Serena refuses to take sides between Kim and Beyonce,” a source close to Serena EXCLUSIVELY tells “She loves them both and doesn’t want to get involved in their beef. Serena has been friends with Kim and with Beyonce for years—she had no hesitation when it came to inviting them to her wedding, she just made it clear that she didn’t want any drama.”

Outside of the awkwardness of Bey bumping into Kim at the bar, it seems that these two were able to bury their bad blood long enough to celebrate Serena’s special day. “Serena’s wedding was amazing, and next to giving birth, it was the best day of her life,” the source tells “To be surrounded by all her closest friends, and to share her special day with them, meant everything to Serena. She’s grateful that Kim and Beyonce managed to put their differences aside in order to celebrate with her.”

Maybe the alcohol helped Kim and Bey chill things out? The two of them were standing at the VIP bar after Serena tied the knot with Alexis Ohanian on Nov. 16. Bey “seemed to avoid Kim” at the wedding, a source EXCLUSIVELY told, so when the two were side-by-side, they didn’t act like they were BFFs. The two said hello, exchanged small talk, but not much out. “The exchange definitely looked a bit cold and icy.” Considering that their respective significant others – namely Kanye West, 40, and JAY-Z, 47 – have some pipin’ hot beef between them, it’s no surprise that these two ladies gave each other the cold shoulder.

While there’s hope that Ye and JAY can squash the beef and become best buddies, like they once were, don’t expect Bey and Kim to suddenly become besties. Bey “can’t stand the whole reality TV thing,” an insider EXCLUSIVELY told, adding that the “Formation” singer just doesn’t have any respect for Kim and how she built her empire. Which, that’s fine. If Kim and Bey want to remain icy, they better know that Serena’s not going to get involved in this “cold war.”

Do you think Kim and Bey will ever be friends, HollywoodLifers?

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