Blake Lively Fiercely Fights Against Child Pornographers Who Abuse Infants — Watch

Blake Lively held nothing back while discussing the horrifying reality of child pornography at the 'Variety' Power of Women event on April 21. She used her platform to bring awareness to the specifics of this tragic issue -- that victims of sexual abusers can be as young as newborns. Watch her powerful and inspiring message here.

The guests at Variety‘s 2017 Power of Women event hung on Blake Lively’s every word as she commanded the room with a graphic, but incredibly important, speech about child pornography on April 21. “The sexual exploitation of children is not something that’s happening rarely, it’s not happening worlds away,” the actress explained. “It’s happening right here and right now.”

While nearly breaking down in tears, Blake revealed to the room what she’d learned about child pornography, even though the facts are completely horrific and hard to hear. “It is disturbing, and I want to warn you, but I feel like it’s my responsibility to tell you guys,” she said. “Because it’s the truth and I believe if we all knew this we would dedicate more of ourselves to stopping it.”

‘Variety’ Power Of Women 2017 — PICS

Blake revealed that the most shocking statistic she learned about child pornography is that there are kids as young as infants who are being exploited by these disgusting pedophiles. An officer literally told her that newborns “with the umbilical cord still attached” are being abused. “I know it’s devastating to hear this and I’m really sorry to tell you this,” she apologized. “But I’m grateful that you guys are listening because it’s actually happening and it’s important that we know this and that it resonates with us so that we think about this in our days and in our personal life.” She went on to detail what exactly happens in these children in porn photos and videos, and it’s so much more than “just touching.”

The stories Blake told about child pedophiles who abuse between 50 and 100 innocent children, typically, are absolutely shocking and horrifying, and you can watch in the video above. She concluded her speech by making the audience aware of the Child Rescue Coalition, a proactive organization that finds pedophiles’ IP addresses and hands them to law enforcement. It is truly a powerful and inspiring message that everybody needs to be aware of.

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