Jaime King In Tears: I Won’t Allow My Kids To Call Donald Trump President

Jaime King worked relentlessly to help Hillary Clinton get elected as president. Here, she shares her grief with HollywoodLife.com over Donald Trump's win in the 2016 election, and also vows to use love to make America more forward again.

Like Hillary Clinton’s many other celebrity supporters, Jaime King, 37, is completely devastated that Donald Trump, 70, was elected president over the Democratic nominee on Nov. 8. HollywoodLife.com caught up with the staron Nov. 10, and Jaime actually broke down in tears while discussing the shocking election with us.

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When we asked the Hart of Dixie star how she plans on explaining the election to her children, she was silent for several seconds before starting to cry while giving her response. “It is a really hard pill to swallow,” she admitted.

Election Night 2016 — PICS

“Now, all of the sudden, we have to pretend we are going to accept this reality star bigot into our lives as president and somehow tell our children that this is okay,” Jaime said. “It’s not! But the only thing we can do in times like this is love. And the other thing we can do besides love is take action and with love and action we can start moving the world forward. If anything, what this  does, it shows a mirror where society is right now and it shows how we are deeply, spiritually and psychologically divided and how we need to come together and come together through love! And now we have an opportunity to really stand for what it is that we really believe in. ”

Jaime is so sad about how Hillary had to spend her whole campaign “defending herself because she has a vagina and because she had emails,” when she really just wanted to discuss issues and policies. However, she is resolved to be optimistic, despite having to face a President Trump. “Now we have to just put one foot in front of the other and we may be in this cloud for a bit until we figure out how to really express it. In the meantime, I will not allow my children to call this man President. I can’t!”

HollywoodLifers, what do you think of Jaime’s response to Trump?

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